‘Thor: Love and Thunder’ could be the movie of the summer


Sean Asay

People can view these movies at many theaters throughout the valley.

Jacob Roberson, Reporter

The first thing that should be said about “Thor Love and Thunder” is that it’s not a typical Marvel movie. This movie is a comedy, so viewers shouldn’t go to watch it expecting a super serious movie. As people watch this movie, there will be many different opinions on it.

This movie is more of a fun, lighthearted one that would be great for something like a family movie night. It is rated PG-13 with some adult humor mixed in. It is the type of movie that one can put on to brighten the mood and get a good laugh. Many other viewers agree.

“I believe this movie was very well written and had a strong plot,” said sophomore TJ Culpepper. One thing that Culpepper was adamant on was that the movie was receiving unnecessary hate.

“Many people say that this movie is terrible, and I will admit that it could have been better but there is no reason for all this hate,” he said. “If I had to rate this movie, I would give it an 8/10,” Culpepper said. Culpepper brings the attention to the fact that they were trying to format similar to the last movie, “Thor Ragnarök.” The previous movie saw loads of success and people even went as far as to say it is a top 5 Marvel movie. It would make sense why Marvel is trying to recreate the success they had with the comedy before.

However, there are some who did not enjoy the movie. “I believe that they used a bunch of comedy when it should have been serious in certain parts,” said sophomore Aaven McRoberts. Many people that didn’t enjoy the movie are saying that it was too funny and should have been more serious. Others say that during fight scenes, they should have not had comedy, or should have toned down the amount of comedy in the movie overall.

“This movie had a lot of potential, I just wish they made it serious,” McRoberts said.