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The freshman in Student Council bring a bright and fun energy to the school.
Meet the freshman class leaders of Student Council
Olivia Baker, Photographer • March 15, 2023
March News Briefs
Leah Barnes, Copy Editor • March 17, 2023
Are books better than movies?
Valerie Chaves, Photographer • March 15, 2023
Being a senior is superior
Leah Barnes, Copy Editor • February 27, 2023
The Eagle High Choir had so much fun taking a break while on tour to do team bonding.
Eagle High’s Choir went on tour
Julia Denton, Reporter • March 17, 2023

While Eagle High is known for their athletics and academics, they are also widely recognized for their incredible arts program. One of these...

Students are excited about the new albums that were released in the month of March.
These are the best albums releasing in 2023
Brady Woods, Reporter • March 17, 2023

When new music releases, it has a big impact on society, especially on students in high school. New music can set trends, affect social media...

Students get excited for the new season of “Outer Banks” staged in beautiful North Carolina.
Here is what the Pogues have been up to in season three of “Outer Banks”
Audrey Splaine, Media • March 16, 2023

On Feb. 23, the newest season of “Outer Banks” was released to the public on Netflix. “Outer Banks” has been a worldwide phenomenon ever...

Many people are affected negatively by the new time change.
The origin and purpose of Daylight Savings
Brady Woods, Reporter • March 15, 2023

 Daylight savings has been known for giving us an extra hour of sleep in the fall and more sun throughout the day, in the spring but the origin...

Selena Gomez is not only a well-known artist, but now she has released her own makeup line. A line that is not only affordable but functional.
Rare Beauty rules the beauty community
Aspen Edwards, Copy Editor • March 15, 2023

Selena Gomez is popular for her role in Wizards of Waverly Place, her music career and now her best-selling beauty line, Rare Beauty. She is...

Many flowers start to bloom as springtime begins.
Eagle High students are excited for the upcoming spring season and what it has to offer 
Jessie Snooks, Photographer • March 15, 2023

After a long winter, Eagle High students look forward to the activities they can do in the springtime. With the weather starting to get warm,...

Freshman Dallin Snooks spends spring break of 2022 following around MLB teams to watch their spring training.
Spring Training is now underway
Jacob Roberson, Reporter • March 17, 2023

Spring Training takes place in both Arizona and Florida. Half of  the teams play in Arizona while the other half play in Florida, and it started...

Eagle High defeated Skyview High 8-3 in their home opener.
Baseball season in full swing
Aren Monk, Photographer • March 15, 2023
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