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Many students ventured out of Idaho to scenic, palm tree covered locations this summer.

West Ada Implements Controversial Schedule Change Making Summer Shorter

Caleb Zawadzki, Reporter September 26, 2023

In an effort to push finals before Christmas break, the West Ada School District cut summer two weeks short. This change has stirred many opinions from students about whether this was a good or bad change...

The “Barbie” movie, starring Margot Robbie and Ryan Gosling, appeared in theaters on July 21 this year and has been a smash hit ever since. Debates arise over underlying political messages in the film.

Barbie Debate: ‘Barbie’ Movie Portrays Men in a Negative Light

Annie Ward, Photographer September 22, 2023

“Barbie” took the world by storm, reeling in $1.03 billion globally. Directed by outspoken feminist, Greta Gerwig, “Barbie” did not sit well with viewers who did not agree with the said anti-male...

A golden doodle named Tobby sits in a green grass field at the Eagle, Idaho dog park tired after playing fetch.  Some people feel that dogs are better than cats, while others believe that cats are best.

Is it Better to Live with Cats or Dogs?

Valerie Chaves, Reporter September 22, 2023

Dogs and cats are very popular animals on their own with different characteristics and behaviors. Something that sets them apart is that most of the time, cats don't need as much attention compared to...

Finals before break is a touchy topic for high schoolers due to a shorter summer.

Having Finals Before Break is a Good Thing

Jacob Roberson, Reporter September 22, 2023

While some students are upset with having their summer cut short, it is ultimately a good thing. With finals being after break, many students struggle. This is partly due to students forgetting the...

Eagle High graduates Sicily Smith, Ellie Smith, Kate Rasmussen, junior Claire Rasmussen and senior Grace Rasmussen went as a group to watch the new Barbie movie.

Barbie Debate: ‘Barbie’ is the catalyst for genuine storytelling of the female experience

Cole McAdams, Copy Editor September 22, 2023

This year’s “Barbie” has generated massive waves worldwide and in the entertainment industry. With it being the highest-grossing movie for a female director, it has made a massive impact on how women’s...

As a language teacher at Eagle High who was been teaching Japanese for 29 years, teacher Layne Ward thinks that learning another language can help people understand their own language and is a great opportunity to learn about different cultures.

It is important to learn other languages

Valerie Chaves, Reporter April 18, 2023

Learning different languages is important and has many benefits. Even so, people continue to wonder if learning another language is really necessary and what opportunities it can bring.  Languages...

The MLB pitch clock has many players and fans upset at the start of the baseball season.

The MLB pitch clock is bad for baseball 

Jacob Roberson, Reporter April 12, 2023

In an effort to speed up the game, Major League Baseball has implemented a new rule called the pitch clock. There have been many different opinions on whether or not the pitch clock good for the game....

Michael Jordan won six championships for the Chicago Bulls in the 1990s.

Who’s the greatest basketball player of all time: Michael Jordan or LeBron James? 

Kamden Hurren, Reporter April 12, 2023

 On Feb. 7, 38-year-old basketball player LeBron James passed Kareem Abdul-Jabbar’s “unbreakable” record for all-time career points. This started a heated debate between basketball fans on who is...

Seniors Dallas Sargent and Sydney Ker focused on the dangers of deforestation for their senior project.

Senior project should keep the focus on the community

Julia Denton, Reporter April 12, 2023

Senior project is among one of the most dreaded school assignments of all time. While all students across the country take part in some sort of a project, there is a wide variety of types. Senior projects...

Intramural sports give students the opportunity to play more sports just for fun.

Intramural sports would be a great addition to Eagle High

Krista Karel, Copy Editor March 15, 2023

Many students at Eagle High participate in the various athletics provided. However, there are many people who would like to participate in these sports but without having the pressure of a varsity, extramural...

Unlike movies where everyone sees the same thing, books allow the readers to visualize scenes, which leaves more room for imagination.

Are books better than movies?

Valerie Chaves, Photographer March 15, 2023

Movies have always been thought to be more dominant and entertaining than books, and there has always been a discussion about which is better: books or movies? Of course, each person has a different point...

Many Eagle High students plan to attend Boise State University but dont feel properly prepared to do so.

Students are not getting enough out of high school

Aidan Mattingly, Media March 15, 2023

Whether someone powers through their senior year of high school to achieve excellent academic recognition or counts down the days until graduation, everyone will go somewhere after high school.  College...

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