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Senior Mikayla Herrara reads “The Handmaid’s Tale”, a book that is frequently banned in schools. Books like “To Kill a Mockingbird” and “The Catcher in the Rye” are often at risk for becoming banned as well.

West Ada Sparks Debates Over Book Banning Within the District

Grace Merrill, Reporter February 27, 2024

In a move that has ignited a huge debate within the West Ada School District, officials have recently proposed a ban on ten books from the libraries, addressing people's concerns related to themes surrounding...

A new Idaho bill proposes that teachers might be allowed to have guns in school, making it a controversial topic among students and teachers alike, like sophomore Kylie Mcknight.

Gun Legislation for Teachers in Idaho is off the Rails

Azriel Bennett, Reporter February 23, 2024

In January of this year, Idaho brought forth a new bill that may threaten student safety. The new bill would allow teachers and other school staff, including bus drivers, to carry concealed weapons to...

Eagle High junior Grant Cardwell is shopping for flowers on Valentine’s Day. Many kids like Cardwell think Valentines Day is overrated.

Is Valentine’s Day Worth the Hype

Laura Ford, Design February 23, 2024

Valentine’s Day is a special day filled with flowers, chocolates, gifts and romance. Though many argue that the holiday is overhyped and puts uncomfortable pressure on people to go all out for their...

Junior Lizzy Baruch and sophomore Savannah Flake pose in the Eagle High gymnasium. The girls hold up four fingers to signify their enthusiasm about the idea of switching to a four-day school week.

Students Push for a Four-Day School Week

Claire Rasmussen, Reporter February 1, 2024

Eagle High students currently attend school five days a week, Monday through Friday. With a seven-hour school day this can overload students’ schedules. A nearby school, Middleton High, is not a part...

Sophomores Ellie Mcmanigal and Natalie Huff are exhausted even after break. There has been debate over whether the break should be longer, and Mcmanigal and Huff are all for it.

Winter Break Should be Longer

Jacob Roberson, Reporter February 1, 2024

This year in the West Ada School District, students get out of school on Dec. 22, 2023. This is only three days before Christmas. Getting out of school this close to the holiday makes the season, which...

The iconic In-N-Out sign shines bright at night. Customers of the restaurant wait in long lines for a tasty meal.

Is In-N-Out Overrated?

Dallin Snooks, Photographer February 1, 2024

The famous fast-food chain In-N-Out opened their first store in Idaho on December 12, 2023, in Meridian, Idaho. On opening day, the drive-through lines were up to eight hours long. Customers of the restaurant...

Sophomore Carmen Arana chooses between Starbucks and Dutch Bros.. Arana thinks Starbucks is better because they have it in her home country of Spain.

These are the Tastiest Festive Drinks of the Season

Laura Ford, Media December 14, 2023

Whether one is hanging out with friends, running errands or simply craving a sweet treat, Starbucks and Dutch Bros. are in the top ranks for holiday drinks that can brighten one’s mood. Similar but different,...

“Elvis” and “Priscilla” are movies that were based on Elvis Presley and his ex-wife Priscilla Presley. The newest movie “Priscilla” shows an inside look into Priscilla’s life and what she went through when she was married to Elvis. The “Elvis” movie portrays the life of the singer.

Which Do Students Prefer ‘Elvis’ or ‘Priscilla’?

Aren Monk, Reporter December 14, 2023

The release of the movie “Priscilla” has been hyped up for a long time. It’s a deep dive into the life and story of Priscilla Presley and her 1985 memoir titled, "Elvis and Me.” It goes into the...

With the temperatures dropping and the snow piling up, some Eagle High families decide to pack up and leave during the holiday season. Sophomore Kate Vorobieff travelled to Cabo over Thanksgiving break to escape the cold and enjoy the tropical climate.

Traveling and Staying Home at the Holidays Both Have Perks

Valerie Chaves, Reporter December 14, 2023

Traveling is, as many claim, one of the most enjoyable ways to visit a place, and many like to do it over the holidays. There is another side to this, however. “Traveling is exciting, but also many...

The movie “Elf” is the best Christmas movie to watch over Christmas break. Anyone can watch it on several platforms including using the CD.

Students Share Why “Elf” is the Best Christmas Movie

TJ Culpepper, Photographer December 14, 2023

It’s that time of year again when one gets to sit on a cozy couch with holiday decorations around the house while enjoying Christmas movies with family, friends or people one cares about the most. When...

Eagle High students are welcome to sit in the career center and ask questions about potential colleges. Counselors Anna Bemis and Nichole Deakins are available by schedule for any students that need help with any college related matters.

College vs. Career: Are College Degrees Worth it?

Annie Ward, Photographer November 10, 2023

In society, there has traditionally been a stigma around not going to college. However, some would argue that it is more beneficial to skip college and jumpstart one’s career instead. There are certainly...

Eagle High students and families spent a snow day up at Bogus Basin Ski Resort on April 16, 2022. Both skiers and snowboarders ride together even with the ongoing debate about which is better.

Eagle High Students Share their Opinion on Which is Better: Skiing or Snowboarding

TJ Culpepper, Photographer November 10, 2023

During the cold Idaho winter, there are many fun activities to do. Especially when the snow piles up, skiing and snowboarding are some of the most popular sports and activities among many to do in the...

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