Eagle High students and staff say farewell to a beloved vice principal


Marc Lannon

Students pose with vice principal Jonny Hullinger on his birthday. He has undoubtedly left an impact on the staff and students at Eagle High.

Grace Rasmussen, Photographer

As Eagle High says goodbye to one of its most influential vice principals, the memories students and staff have created with him won’t be forgotten. Hullinger is the Senior vice principal here at eagle high and has decided to take on the position of being the principal at Middleton High School, and they are very lucky to be getting such an amazing person.  

One of Hullinger’s greatest strengths has been his ability to connect with the students. He has always been approachable and willing to listen, no matter what the situation. He has also shown a remarkable ability to empathize with students and understand the challenges they face throughout their high school journeys. Several students and staff shared how he has impacted their lives. 

“Overall, he’s a very positive person, and I’ve noticed since he started to now, the school community has grown tenfold. The spirt is so much stronger, and [there are] so many more cool programs and clubs like Sources of Strength that he’s put so much time into,” said teacher Krista Rogerson. She went on to say that he has helped her so much and has been so positive towards her. 

Hullinger is more than a vice principal to many. Not only has been a huge role model and mentor for countless students, but he is also always there for each individual student. 

“He will actively see what a student is going through, know their character and genuinely find the best conclusion to help a student have the most success,” said senior Abby Hinchman. Over the four years with Hullinger, she got to be surrounded by his positive energy and genuine heart. Hinchman explained that she is grateful beyond words for experiencing the fullness of his term here at Eagle High and just being able to meet such a genuinely kind person. 

As a community, many at the school are saddened by the news of Hullinger’s departure, but he will surely impact the lives of students and staff at Middleton High. Eagle High will miss his humor, his wisdom and his unwavering dedication to our school and community.