Here’s what to come for Acts of Love at Eagle High


Valerie Chaves

Two friends are reunited for the Acts of Love at Eagle High. Sophomore Masina Wooley’s wish was granted when she reunited with her friend from out of state.

Audrey Splaine, Media Team

At Eagle High, students from all grades participate in school spirit. However, one specific event is focused on the students here. Acts of Love is an event put on by STUCO to help achieve students wishes, and in December, students were given a paper heart to write down any wish they desired. Wishes can range from a gift card to Chick-Fil-A to a puppy.  

Last year, STUCO put on an assembly to give students their wishes. Gift cards, puppies, and dinner dates were the main spotlight. There was plenty of student and teacher spirit during the assembly with all grades involved.  

STUCO plans on making this year’s Act of Love assembly even more memorable than last year’s. Students who are a part of STUCO stated that their main goal is to grant more wishes that make a difference and help people. This year, the assembly will take place on Valentine’s Day. 

STUCO plans on granting as many wishes as possible. Most of their donations are provided by their funding, but they have small local sponsors that will help make this possible for Eagle High. 

“This year our main goal for STUCO is to award more crazy stuff and more things people may need,” said freshman Chloe Janson. 

Students from Eagle High anonymously responded to a poll of their favorite memory from Acts of Love 2022.  

“My favorite memory from Acts of Love last year was when a student’s best friend was flown in from another state to surprise the student,” one student said from the poll. 

Two students said when a student got a cute puppy was their favorite moment and one student said their favorite memory was when they got Chick-Fil-A as their gift. 

Although STUCO’s main goal this year is to do “crazy” gifts, Acts of Love is still about granting small wishes and will be sponsored by Chick-Fil-A this year.  

“This year, we plan on granting as many wishes as possible that can make a difference for someone or someone else, they may know,” said senior Noah Alford.  

All in all, STUCO plans on making this year’s Acts of Love unforgettable and even more memorable than the year before.