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Many people are affected negatively by the new time change.

The origin and purpose of Daylight Savings

Brady Woods, Reporter March 15, 2023

 Daylight savings has been known for giving us an extra hour of sleep in the fall and more sun throughout the day, in the spring but the origin and purpose of daylight savings might be unclear to some,...

Many flowers start to bloom as springtime begins.

Eagle High students are excited for the upcoming spring season and what it has to offer 

Jessie Snooks, Photographer March 15, 2023

After a long winter, Eagle High students look forward to the activities they can do in the springtime. With the weather starting to get warm, it opens up the door to making many fun memories. Eagle High...

March Playlist: ‘Spring’ into these popular songs 

March Playlist: ‘Spring’ into these popular songs 

Cole McAdams, Copy Editor March 15, 2023

Spring is hitting many students at Eagle High like a train with tests galore, the “third-quarter slump” and the countdown to the slowly creeping beginning of summer vacation. However, this playlist...

Senior Avery Charles has applied and gotten accepted at the United States Naval Acadamy.

Many students at Eagle High may attend military academies after high school 

Sean Asay, Photographer February 27, 2023

With the season slowly changing into one with college acceptance letters, many students at Eagle High have set their sights high and applied to military academies with the hopes of being accepted.   Senior...

If people are spending Valentine’s Day alone, they could buy some flowers to treat themselves.

Valentine’s Day is right around the corner, and it’s time to slay being one’s own sweetheart 

Aspen Edwards, Copy Editor February 1, 2023

February rolls around, and couples seem to pop up out of thin air. People receive flowers and chocolates; dinner date reservations are made and rom-coms are lined up. Why is it normalized that one needs...

Buying vintage clothing is a great way to reuse old clothes and helps to stop overproduction.

Older ‘Y2K’ fashion seems to be the hottest fashion trend

Cole Mcadams, Copy Editor February 1, 2023

The latest generation of high school-aged kids, Generation Z, has been shaping pop-culture through trends since 1997. The latest trend from the “Zoomers,” as they’re regularly referred to as, have...

One of the best ways to celebrate ‘Galentine’s’ is by dressing up with a best friend and going to dinner.

Love is in the halls at Eagle High

Liv Baker, Photographer January 31, 2023

Valentine’s Day is approaching fast, and students at Eagle High are getting butterflies. Even if students aren’t in relationships, it is still one of the most popular holidays. When people think of...

Eagle High students participated in a chalk throw at halftime during a football game against Mountain View High.

Eagle High students reflect on the most significant sports moments of the year

Aidan Mattingly, Media January 6, 2023

As 2022 wraps up, it is a great time to reflect on Eagle High students’ favorite school sports moments throughout this school year so far. Whether it’s football, basketball or the life of the student...

Senior Will Tadje is the captain of Eagle High’s varsity tennis team.

Will Tadje makes his mark at Eagle High

Liv Baker, Photographer January 6, 2023

Will Tadje is a senior at Eagle High and is one of the student body co-presidents in student council. Ever since he was in his sophomore year, he’s worked hard to get the top dog job of the student body.   As...

November News Briefs

November News Briefs

Leah Barnes, Copy Editor November 29, 2022

Academic Decathlon   The Academic Decathlon team is preparing for their Invitational competition coming up. The theme this year is the America Revolution. They are always accepting new members.  ASL  The...

The Snooks family enjoys skiing together at Tamarack during the winter.

Skiing versus Snowboarding: the battle of the best winter sport is settled 

Brady Woods, Reporter November 28, 2022

There is no feeling quite like flying down a snowy hill with nothing but heavy plastic protecting a fall, geared up in thick coats and gloves, with snow falling all around. Skiing and snowboarding are...

The years-old controversy debating the luck or bad luck of black cats is still a resurfacing topic today.

Black cats should not be seen as a symbol of bad luck 

Laura Ford, Media November 28, 2022

When one stumbles upon a black cat in their path, they quite often view it is as sign of bad luck, when in reality, seeing a black cat can actually be a sign of immense wealth. Black-colored cats should...

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