The MLB pitch clock is bad for baseball 

Pitchers now have 15 seconds in between pitches to pitch 

Jacob Roberson

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Aren Monk

The MLB pitch clock has many players and fans upset at the start of the baseball season.

In an effort to speed up the game, Major League Baseball has implemented a new rule called the pitch clock. There have been many different opinions on whether or not the pitch clock good for the game. MLB is trying to appeal to the casual fan by having the games not be as long.  

This pitch clock is not good for the game for many reasons. One reason is that going to games is just not worth as much as it used to be. Now the games are much shorter and feel very rushed. Baseball is unlike any game in the world. A game could be two hours or it could be five hours with extra innings. It can be argued that no one wants to watch a game that lasts up to four hours. The pitch clock is not a bad idea, but it needs to be reworked to give pitchers and batters more time. 

The average fastball in MLB is 95 mph with many pitchers throwing 100 mph. With less time to recover between pitches, some fans are worried about the stress left on arms of the players. The more stress left on an arm, the more likely there is to be an injury.  

According to “In the major leagues, every pitch matters and the pitch type is selected based on the batter and the current game situation.” 

With the pitch clock, pitchers do not always have time to shake off their catcher and throw the pitch they want. This can lead to a pitcher throwing something they do not want to throw and changing the outcome. 

Some fans have suggested to get rid of the pitch clock during the playoffs because fans don’t want to see a game be decided off the pitch clock.  

According to, “The fact that it is the only North American sport to be played without a clock is one of the things that makes baseball unique.” 

The pitch clock takes away the beauty of baseball and it’s special moments.