Older ‘Y2K’ fashion seems to be the hottest fashion trend


Ashtyn Hassman

Buying vintage clothing is a great way to reuse old clothes and helps to stop overproduction.

The latest generation of high school-aged kids, Generation Z, has been shaping pop-culture through trends since 1997. The latest trend from the “Zoomers,” as they’re regularly referred to as, have recently had a sudden interest in older fashion, specifically, fashion inspirations from as early as the 1970s to as latest as the 2000s. 

“I was raised in the later part of the Y2K era, and [when I was younger] I was looking at it like, ‘I wanted to wear that, I wanted to wear that’ and now that I’m a teenager, I can actually wear ‘that,’” said senior Ava Gray. 

Many students at Eagle High have some sort of older fashion inspiration, the most common one being Y2K inspired fashion. Y2K is an abbreviation for “Year 2000,” referring to the years from 2000 to 2009. 

Zoomers have watered down this older fashion, replacing the very eccentric, low-cut mismatched styles that were previously popular with many different looks. On one side of the spectrum, there are spaghetti strap tank tops that are popular among women and things such as bucket hats, corduroy and colorful yet matching pieces of clothing that apply to both men and women. Baggy pieces of clothing are also a staple of this fashion era that applies to many today. 

According to Mel Ottenberg of interviewmagazine.com, People wanted fun and jet-set partying in a way that was funny and entertaining but also really intoxicating.” The Y2K style is a very outlandish fashion style that Zoomers have definitely toned down a bit, taking bits and pieces of inspiration from this era, but the draw to this outlandishness is what is at the heart of this trend. “You would see the most beautiful girl walk out of a party… and you’d think, ‘My God, the glamor is real,’” Ottenberg said. 

Vintage clothes are not only stylish, but they can help a buyer save money. (Avery Hassman)

Many have wondered why this offbeat fashion style has returned such a big stride, influencing many Zoomers in the process, or even how this style began in the first place.  

According to byrdie.com, “The original Y2K, much like its resurgent counterpart, emerged as a bit of a pendulum swing. Similar to the way the 2008 recession led to minimalism in the 2010s—and, in counter-response, 2020s burgeoning maximalism—a recession in the early 1990s was all about simplicity.”  

There seems to be a “trend” with this more maximalist style. Whenever there is an economic downturn, the clothing follows with it, once the economy rises, the clothing follows suit with that, as well.  

Zoomers have the power to control trends, which ultimately affects everyday life. With the sudden rise of the ever-so-popular Y2K fashion trend, one can tell how a spaghetti strap shirt is related to a boost in moral in population, and it truly shows how individual lives are impacted by pop culture.