Love is in the halls at Eagle High

Valentine’s Day is almost here, and students are getting excited

Liv Baker

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Liv Baker

One of the best ways to celebrate ‘Galentine’s’ is by dressing up with a best friend and going to dinner.

Valentine’s Day is approaching fast, and students at Eagle High are getting butterflies. Even if students aren’t in relationships, it is still one of the most popular holidays. When people think of this day, hearts, chocolate and flowers come to mind. It is a day filled with magic and love.  

“For Valentine’s Day this year, my boyfriend and I are going to dinner [and] exchanging gifts,” said senior Linnea Greco. “I think roses, teddy bears and quality time are the best gifts a girl can receive.” Some popular date ideas are going to Topgolf, a movie date and bowling.  

“My dad is getting me a puppy this year for my Valentine’s Day gift,” said senior Kate Mahoney. “I am super excited for this holiday because my mom always makes me yummy treats like chocolate-covered strawberries.” For those who are choosing not to spend the day with a romantic partner, it is just as fun to spend with family. Many seniors are soaking up these last few holidays at home before they leave in a few months. 

Target has many cute options for Valentine’s Day gifts. (Liv Baker)

Many girls enjoy having a ‘Galentine’s’ night with their girlfriends. It is so fun to gather with a group of girlfriends and wear matching pajamas, watch a romantic-comedy and get fun treats. Valentine’s Day is not just meant to be spent with a romantic friend. It is important to remember that this day is meant to spread love and light to all the people who make life so good.  

There is no doubt that this Valentine’s Day will be one to remember. Whether it is spent with a friend, family member or significant other, it will be a magical day for all.