Meet the freshmen class leaders of Student Council

There are eight outstanding freshmen that have made their mark this year in Eagle High’s Student Council.


Liv Baker

The freshmen in Student Council bring a bright and fun energy to the school.

Olivia Baker, Photographer

Eagle High’s Student Council is made up of a handful of student leaders from each grade that have been selected by peers and teachers to serve and represent their class. This is a job that requires hard work and dedication, with a goal of making each school year as fun as possible, while also focusing on making the school a warm and welcoming place for all students. There are a total of eight freshmen currently on the council, and they are already making their mark on the school. 

“Eagle High is lucky to have such a great group of freshmen leaders to set the tone for the class of 2026,” said senior Linnea Greco. “They have already had quite the impact on the council and the freshmen class has an exciting four years ahead of them with this group leading the way.” 

Lydia Martinez is the freshmen class president, and she has done an outstanding job of leading the freshmen in the right direction and has filled their first year of high school with fun memories. She has been assisted by her Vice President Hunter Hales, Treasurer Chloe Janson and Secretary Sarah Kemp. This group also includes four amazing representatives, Presley Deck, Raymond Gauthier, Lincoln Swenson and Indy Taylor.  

“I am really excited to help plan the Acts of Love Assembly next year because it was so much fun to see for the first time this year,” said freshman Chloe Janson. “My favorite part about being in the council is how close all of us are and we have so much fun working as a team.” Janson has been such a bright light in the council and will continue to bring fun and creativity to future school events. She is a member of the Eagle High dance team and does a fabulous job of encouraging her peers in sports and school to participate in school spirit.  

“Next year our grade plans to win the spirit competition during homecoming week,” said freshman Hunter Hales. “I think we will start by winning the best hallway decorations and I already have some ideas to make it happen.” Hales has been an amazing addition to the council this year. He is a friend to everyone he meets and is always working hard to help the freshmen class shine. It will be exciting to see what he brings to the council next year.  

“My favorite thing about student council this year has been forming relationships with the upperclassmen and people in other grades,” said freshman Presley Deck. “For example, Liv Baker and Linnea Greco have really taken me under their wing and given me great advice for my coming high school years.” It is no surprise that Deck has made such an impact on the council in only her first year. She is kind to everyone and goes above and beyond to make school activities fun and welcoming for all. She has a great eye for creativity and is always making the cutest bulletin boards to fill the hallways with good energy. She sets a great example to her peers and brings a bright light to the school.  

“Watching all the planning that has gone into the activities this year has been really inspiring,” said freshman Indie Taylor. “I know that me and all the other freshmen are really excited to be even more involved with the planning of these events in future years.” Taylor has been a huge part of the council this year. Her kind and positive personality has helped the council become so close and work good as a team. She is always looking for any way to help and is constantly coming up with new and exciting ideas. She will ensure that her fellow mustangs make the best memories throughout their high school years.  

Almost all the current freshmen in the council are planning on running again next year. This is good news for the class of 2026, as they are guaranteed to have a positive high school experience with these students as their leaders. 

As a team, this group of leaders has worked together to bring exciting ideas to the school in efforts to unify the freshmen class and set a good tone for the next four years ahead. Freshman year can be a scary time for some as it is a brand new experience, and some students can feel intimidated by the older grade levels. The freshmen leaders are some of the best the school has seen and are setting their peers up for an exciting next four years of being mustangs.