Eagle High students reflect on the most significant sports moments of the year

Aidan Mattingly

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Kara Skiles

Eagle High students participated in a “chalk throw” at halftime during a football game against Mountain View High.

As 2022 wraps up, it is a great time to reflect on Eagle High students’ favorite school sports moments throughout this school year so far. Whether it’s football, basketball or the life of the student section, look no further. Several students pointed out what stood out to them this fall and winter season. 

Several students enjoyed an Eagle High football game that was also a special day to many more. Eagle High athletes took on Mountain View High during a crazy game, and during halftime, the student section was filled with colored chalk.  

“My favorite sports moment this year was the chalk game,” said junior Paul Walther. “It was so fun, and the sky was so pretty.” 

Other students would agree that the chalk game was one of the most memorable moments of the 2022 football season. “The chalk game is probably my best memory because the energy is unmatched, and it’s been my favorite memory of every football season since I was a freshman,” said senior Jenna Gilberg. 

There were a handful of great games, but senior Austin Rose pointed out that the homecoming game was one never to forget where he and his friends had a great time. Not only did the crazy homecoming game warm the hearts of Eagle High students, but athletes like senior Jake Longson and senior Ian Duarte on offense and senior Carter Davis on defense made a handful of good plays that stood out in a significant way. 

As fall season sports gradually came to an end, other sports like basketball began to trend around Eagle High, and a handful of students attended the games. And in early December, the boys’ basketball team played their first game against Bishop Kelly High. They initiated an early win to set the tone for the season.  

“A memorable moment was when the boys’ basketball team beat Bishop Kelly at the first game,” said Rose. “It was cool because Eagle was down by a lot and then they came back and won by ten.” Eagle High has an amazing team, but there is a lot more of the season left and they have much more to prove. 

Junior Derek Ishii explained how successful the boys’ basketball season has been and shared his favorite experiences and memories. “My favorite part about Eagle High’s basketball was doing the roller coaster with Stang Gang,” said Ishii. 

There aren’t enough words to explain how crazy the fall sports had been and how the boy and girl athletes dominated until the end. Now that fall sports have come to a close, new sports headlines have started to appear will bring even more new memories to Eagle High.