Eagle High students are excited for what the upcoming spring season has to offer


Jessie Snooks

Many flowers start to bloom as springtime begins.

After a long winter, Eagle High students look forward to the activities they can do in the springtime. With the weather starting to get warm, it opens up the door to making many fun memories. Eagle High students share what they are most excited for in spring. 

“I am most excited for the upcoming dance competitions I have these next few months” said freshman Bria Davis. “I am also looking forward to spring break because my high school dance team is going to be competing in nationals at Disneyland!”  

Spring is often when competitive clubs start up as well as high school spring sports. Students are looking forward to competing in these activities this spring. 

“I am looking forward to the warmer weather and all the pretty spring flowers,” said senior Kennedy McEwen. “I can’t wait to go on hikes and spend lots of time outside.” 

This year’s winter in Idaho was really cold and it can feel like it goes on forever. Students are excited to enjoy the weather outside without freezing. 

“I’m excited for baseball season this spring. My team has worked hard all winter to prepare for this season,” said senior Devon Downie. “I am also excited for the warmer weather and to go fishing.” 

There are many of opportunities in spring. Students are excited for the spring sports, warmer weather, outdoor adventures and many other exciting things that will occur in this upcoming season.