There are countless ways to help the Earth  


Izzy Rios

Earth Day might be a day where all can do good for the earth, but for some it is an everyday ritual to treat nature with love.

Julia Denton, Reporter

As April nears, the Earth is looking forward to feeling some extra love. This year, Earth Day is on Saturday, April 22nd. There are many ways to help the planet and Earth Day is the perfect chance for people to take action.  

“My parents and I plant a garden and trees every year and we also try our best to reuse all that we can,” said senior Ella Marsh. “I would say that research is one of the most important aspects of helping the Earth; finding more sustainable choices is great in the long run.” Marsh is a member of Eagle High’s Earth Club, a group of students who are dedicated to trying to make conscious choices that better the planet. 

Some easy ways to help the Earth for the upcoming holiday include picking up trash, planting trees and even spending more time outdoors. While all of these are great options, the most important way to help the planet in the long run is to make more sustainable choices. Sustainability can look different to each person that takes part in it. Some ways that people show sustainability can be eating a more plant-based diet, reducing plastic use, using biodegradable materials and buying locally sourced clothing rather than using fast fashion brands.  

The best part about sustainability is that it can be as easy as a person wants it to be. Yet, if every person made just a few sustainable changes in their life, it would be a big step in the right direction towards a healthier planet.  

According to, “Development and conservation can coexist in harmony. When we use the environment in ways that ensure we have resources for the future, it is called sustainable development.” Finding sustainable alternatives is a long-term solution to the Earth’s issues. Almost all of the problems that the planet is facing are being caused or accelerated by humans.  

Acknowledging that humans are causing issues is an important step to taking control of the situation and fixing the mistakes from the past.