Life isn’t perfect, but prom makeup looks can be


Jordyn Hassman

Prom is a time where girls can express their creativity through makeup. Students love taking pictures with their friends when their makeup is all done.

Aspen Edwards

With promposals happening left and right, it is time to prepare for the most exciting part of prom—getting ready. Putting the dress on and transforming into a confident princess of a person is the best feeling, but what is even better is being able to add a little something to the beautiful face one has. Makeup has the power to make people feel confident and gorgeous, even though they most definitely already were before. 

Jumping straight into the first step of the routine, one may be surprised because it may sound backwards. There is a new trend going around on social media that has technically been going on for years before this. Makeup artists such as Patrick Ta and Mario (Makeup by Mario) have been thriving in this technique. Basically, it is underpainting. To begin, one can take a favorite contour product, as well as blush and a little bit of concealer, this starts out as the base. Then, apply foundation overtop, using less than if this were first, and the other products will be able to peek through. This gives off a much more natural look. 

After the foundation of choice is applied, one can start in with setting powder. This allows for an airbrushed finish, eliminating the appearance of pores or texture. A good setting powder to try out is from Givenchy.  

According to, the Prisme Libre Loose Setting Powder is “an ultra-finely milled setting powder that resists caking and is designed to mattify, blur, & illuminate the complexion for a perfected makeup result.” They come in one container, but there are four colored powders in each, two for radiance and two for correction. For example, if one wanted to color correct any redness, go with the Original Pastel Powder. It has a green powder to counteract any redness in the skin. This is an amazing powder. 

After powdering the face, it is time to add any definition that might have not come all the way through. Take a favorite bronzer to warm the contours of the face and forehead, as well as bouncing some blush on the cheeks. Lastly, for the base, add some highlighter to the cheekbones.  

According to, the Rare Beauty Positive Light Silky Touch Highlighter is, “an innovative powder highlighter that gives skin an instant glass-like sheen for an easy, natural-looking glow that lasts.” 

Now for finishing touches, eyeshadow is such an important part of the prom look. A smoky eye is definitely the most popular, but one should do whatever feels right to them. If doing a smokey eye, one should look into the Makeup by Mario Master Mattes palette. It is the perfect palette for the most gorgeously blended smoky eye. 

Now for the lips, a classic pinky nude is always a go-to. The Pillowtalk Lip Duo by Charlotte Tilbury is sold nationwide and for good reason. It is the perfect nude. Adding a liner really emphasizes the lips and completes the look. 

Prom is something that many look forward to all school year. Show off the dress, show off the makeup, but most importantly, show ones true self.