Eagle High students are stylin’ in the snow

Avery Hassman, Photographer

As temperatures are dropping and snow is falling, Eagle High students are doing their best to dress for the cold. New fashion trends have made their way to school, and students are showing them off daily.

Junior Bridgett Lundevall is known around the school for her cool and unique sense of style. She shared some of the ways she likes to stay warm while still being fashionable.

“I really love layering pieces together to create outfits,” Lundevall said. “Things like chunky turtlenecks and jackets are a great way to handle the cold.” Lundevall also loves to upcycle, which is taking old, used clothing and making it into something new. She takes inspiration from celebrity and style icon, Bella Hadid.

Sophomore Andrew Palfreyman likes to keep things simple but still cool. He likes the puffer jacket trend that has settled into the winter season this year; puffer jackets are a bold addition that can also provide warmth.

“I get my style inspiration from my older brother Nathan,” Palfreyman said. After Nathan graduated high school last year, Palfreyman has put his own spin on his style using some of Nathan’s old pieces.

Another one of Eagle High’s stylish students is senior Gracie Moroney. Some of her favorite fashion trends for winter are sweaters with dress pants and loafers.

“I like reusing old clothing to make new outfits,” Moroney said. She often goes thrifting in search of unique clothing to add to her closet. Much of her style is inspired by the seventies decade and also social media star, Emma Chamberlain. Moroney has been eyeing a lot of clothing she wants lately, but Doc Marten loafers are near the top of her list.

It can be hard to dress for these chilly months; however, students at Eagle High have been rocking their winter outfits through the snow. If one is ever in need of fashion advice, these three students are sure to provide some inspiration.