Check out of warm makeup looks and check into the ‘I’m cold’ makeup trend


Aspen Edwards

The “I’m cold” makeup trend is a staple at Christmas time.

Aspen Edwards, Copy Editor

A new viral makeup trend has begun just as winter storms in. Cold weather goes hand in hand with a “cold” makeup look. Shimmery skin and loads of pink blush will be necessary to achieve this look. This can be worn on the slopes, ice skating or even on those days one needs to make a trip to get hot cocoa with friends. The “I’m cold” glam took over TikTok and will take over the 2023 Christmas season.

The look starts with brushing up the brows with a clear eyebrow gel. This technique will give the illusion of a fluffy brow. To achieve this, Anastasia Beverly Hills created the Brow Freeze. It will last for hours on end, even in extreme weather.

Next up, foundation gets skipped, and one can go straight into concealer. Apply it under the eyes and on any blemishes (even though everyone is beautiful without covering them up). A popular product to use is the Charlotte Tilbury Beautiful Skin Concealer. It is new on the market and has a medium-to-full coverage concealer.

According to, this product “visibly conceals, brightens, and lifts eyes and face, available in 30 waterproof shades with up to 16 hours of wear.” In any condition, this concealer won’t go anywhere.

Next up, grab the most pigmented blush with a pink hue in one’s makeup collection. Mac has a formulation called Extra Dimension Blush that will complement this look well. The shade “Rosy Cheeks” will do just that—make the cheeks rosy. The key to achieving the “I’m cold” effect is the product placement. Grab a blush brush and apply it to the apples of the cheek, swiping it across the nose as well. If one was to be sunburnt, that is where to put the blush. Add some to the temples too for added heat.

Following blush comes a silver highlighter. This is not only going to go on the cheekbones, but also on the inner corner of the eye, on the nose and above the brow. The skin will look wet and glowy. The product recommended for this is the Fenty Beauty Diamond Bomb Highlighter in the shade “How Many Carats?” This will be sure to make people turn their heads in the direction of the person that is wearing it.

The last two steps are going to finish off the look. Grab the top mascara in one’s makeup drawer and lengthen the lashes. Then, a lip blush that is monochromatic to the makeup look is best. A little tip is to grab a liquid blush and mix it with a clear lip gloss or lip balm to create a tinted lip gloss. Milk Makeup has a bionic blush in the shade “Dusty Rose” that would complement the rosy cheeks. Take that and mix with Rhode Skin by Hailey Bieber’s Peptide Glazing Lip Treatment. This product comes in three scents: unscented, watermelon and salted caramel. This is the turning point.

The look is complete, and one is ready to take on the holidays in this “I’m cold” makeup look. With the weather being so frigid and freezing, taking extra time to feel the best in one’s skin is essential. Now, one can go out and sleigh the holidays.