The ‘glazed donut’ makeup look is trending, so hop on with this how-to


Liv Baker

Senior Aspen Edwards works at Sephora where she buys the products she uses to create the iconic glazed donut makeup look.

Aspen Edwards, Copy Editor

“Bieber Fever” has taken over the world and so has the obsession with Justin’s wife Hailey. She is known for her glowing, donut-like skin, and many want to know her secrets. The key is in the magical mixture of both skincare and makeup. 

Hailey Bieber is a model whom a lot of people look up to. She has influenced fashion, makeup and lifestyle for women and men across the globe. Redirecting the focus to the makeup side of Hailey, Bieber said that “less is better.” 

In a YouTube video with Vogue, Bieber said, “I love anything with hydration [and] helps to give you that glow.” She uses the Environ Moisturizing Toner after her facial cleanser in the morning. This product helps to plump and add moisture back into the skin.  

The following product that she goes in with is the Peptide Glazing Fluid by her own brand, Rhode. 

According to, the moisturizer is “a lightweight, quick-absorbing, gel serum that visibly plumps and hydrates to support a healthy skin barrier.” It is recommended that one uses one-to-two pumps of this product for maximum benefit.  

Up next on this skincare journey, Bieber recommends putting on undereye masks to plump any puffiness that she has before she begins her makeup routine. A bright undereye is an excellent trick to looking awake and ready to take on the day. 

As for her makeup, it is all about enhancing the glow on one’s natural skin. Hailey takes her Peptide Glazing Fluid once again, but this time uses it as a mix-in with her foundation. This allows the coverage to sheer out and even one’s skin tone. With this technique, using ones hands will allow them to warm up the product and melt it into the skin.  

Next, she takes the Kosas Revealer Concealer on her very hydrated undereyes (thanks to the masks) and on any blemishes or redness she wants to cover. This product can be found online or in-store at Sephora. It is very hydrating and natural with medium coverage. 

She then goes in with cream bronzer and cream blush. With cream products, one gets a radiant finish that adds to the recipe for this donut look. In any area one feels the need to set and mattify, this would be the time to do so. 

For finishing touches, one should just brush up the brows and set with either a clear or tinted brow gel. Clean and simple eyebrows are all the rave, and Bieber loves this trend. 

Lastly, after applying one’s favorite mascara and lip gloss, Bieber’s secret is revealed. She takes her Peptide Glazing Fluid on a beauty blender and blends it onto the high points of the face. This correlates to the cheekbones, temples and anywhere one wants that extra glow.  

Bieber inspires everyone to be themselves and love exactly who they are. She uplifts others and leads by example in many ways. Her glazed donut look is achieved by many beautiful humans worldwide, and it’s time for everyone to give it a try, look in the mirror and smile at the unique human being looking back at them.