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Freshman Dallin Snooks spends spring break of 2022 following around MLB teams to watch their spring training.

Spring Training is now underway

Jacob Roberson, Reporter March 17, 2023

Spring Training takes place in both Arizona and Florida. Half of  the teams play in Arizona while the other half play in Florida, and it started in March. It allows for players to get their arm in shape...

The 2022-2024 girls’ wrestling team won the state title on Feb. 25

Eagle High girls’ wrestling team wins State

Kara Skiles, Photographer March 17, 2023

Following up their win last year in 2022, the girls’ wrestling team won State yet again, making them three-time State champions with two sanctioned and one unsanctioned win. With only fourteen girls...

Eagle High defeated Skyview High 8-3 in their home opener.

Baseball season in full swing

Aren Monk, Photographer March 15, 2023

The Eagle High School baseball season is now under way. The freshman team had their first two games of the season, winning them both, and the JV and Varsity levels are still gearing up to play their first...

It is common for students to fill out a bracket with their predictions for the NCAA March Madness tournament that begins on March 14.

The biggest tournament in college sports has begun

Kamden Hurren, Reporter March 15, 2023

 The biggest, most watched sporting event in college sports occurs during the month of March. March Madness is the biggest basketball event with about 18.1 million Americans watching the tournament throughout...

The MLB has implemented new rules which has sparked controversy among fans and players.

New MLB rules send baseball fans into a frenzy

Brady Payne, Media team March 15, 2023

Last offseason, the MLB proposed three rules that would change professional baseball forever. These rules have begun to go into effect this season, with many players and fans having mixed feelings about...

The players work hard at practice to get better and develop their skills.

Tennis season has finally began

Julie Denton, Copy Editor March 15, 2023

Eagle High is known for its high-achieving and incredible sports programs. From football and basketball to swimming and wrestling, teams are filled with motivated players that put in hard work in order...

Controversies emerged after political speaker Scott Yenor spoke to the students of Eagle High about his beliefs.

The aftermath of Scott Yenor’s speech has taught Eagle High a lesson

Cole McAdams, Copy Editor February 27, 2023

On Jan. 26, the recently established Turning Point USA Club here at Eagle High had a guest speaker come and talk about “feminism” in the auditorium during the lunch hour. It quickly became known that...

Senior Steven Anderson represents the class of 2023.

Being a senior is superior

Leah Barnes, Copy Editor February 27, 2023

As freshmen, students walk shyly down the halls, scared of being the youngest. As sophomores, they are merely relieved that they aren’t freshmen. By the time junior year hits, students have a difficult...

Some students may wonder if America is politically polarized.

America is too politically polarized

Krista Karel , Copy Editor February 27, 2023

In past years, keeping politics out of the way of relationships with others was an easy task. Recently, however, the gap between democrats and republicans has spread too wide, and some think it will end...

Rachel McEwen brings so much joy to the front office.

Rachel McEwen brings kindness, belonging and organization to Eagle High’s main office

Julia Denton, Reporter January 31, 2023

The amount of people it takes to run a high school in an effective way is more than most people think. One of the most important places in the school is the main office. This is the hub where all the action...

Senior Sarah Swanson is planning on attending Gonzaga University in Spokane, Washington.

Seniors start to decide on colleges as graduation nears

Julia Denton, Reporter January 31, 2023

Decisions are waiting around every corner during senior year. Being a senior means that one must answer the same question over and over: “What are you going to do with your life after high school?”...

For the first time in years, the Eagle High “Stampede” Newspaper is putting on a Sadie Hawkins dance. It is a great way for students to get out and have fun with their friends.

Sadie Hawkins comes to Eagle High

Leah Barnes, Copy Editor January 10, 2023

When current high schoolers’ parents were in high school – when life was in black and white, and dinosaurs roamed the earth – they had casual dances. After home football games, after basketball games...

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