New MLB rules send baseball fans into a frenzy

The MLB made three major rule changes this season.


Jessie Snooks

The MLB has implemented new rules which have sparked controversy among fans and players.

Brady Payne, Media team

Last offseason, the MLB proposed three rules that would change professional baseball forever. These rules have begun to go into effect this season, with many players and fans having mixed feelings about it. 

The first rule is called the pitch clock. Thirty seconds will take place in between batters, 15 seconds in between pitches when bases are empty and 20 seconds in between pitches when there are runners on base. The MLB made this rule to speed up the time of a game. Most baseball fans don’t like watching pitchers and batters stall time in between pitches. It drags the time of the game out tremendously. 

The second rule is a ban on defensive shifts. Before the rule was put in place, players were allowed to shift freely around the field against the batter. Now, at least four players have to be in the infield, two of which need to be on either side of second base. The MLB made this rule because they did not want teams to load one side for defense.  

“I think that it will showcase some of the better middle infielders,” said Chicago Whitesox outfielder Gavin Sheets in an interview with the MLB. “The more athletic ones will really be able to make more plays.” 

The third rule that is taking effect is the MLB base size. The bases are being expanded from 15 inches to 18 inches. They are doing this in hopes of preventing injuries for both the base runner and the defensive fielder. The bigger the base size, the more room the player will have to slide around the defensive fielder or onto the base. 

“The easiest rule change is the base size. If that truly has helped eliminate injury, I think that’s a positive in the game,” said Oakland Athletics manager Mark Kotsay in an interview with the MLB. “It’s minimal in terms of shortening the distance.” 

All things considered, whether one thinks these rules are good or bad, baseball players and fans can all come to the conclusion that these rules will change professional baseball forever.