The biggest tournament in college sports has begun

Who will win March Madness?


Avery Hassman

It is common for students to fill out a bracket with their predictions for the NCAA March Madness tournament that begins on March 14.

Kamden Hurren, Reporter

The biggest, most watched sporting event in college sports occurs during the month of March. March Madness is the biggest basketball event with about 18.1 million Americans watching the tournament throughout the month. 

Students at Eagle High love to watch this tournament because of all the possible upsets that happen just on the first day or even the possible “underdog” team that can make it as far as the “elite eight” while defying all the odds of them even making it that far.  

“Watching St. Peters last year was amazing. Guys like Doug Edert easily became my favorite player to watch in the tournament,” said junior Hunter Linch. 

This year’s March Madness has a certain uncertainty on who is the best team to win it all. Teams like the University of Houston, University of Kansas, University of Alabama and University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) highlight as some of the main teams people are betting on to win their bracket this year.  

The best part about March Madness is making bracket to see if one can correctly guess who will win it all. Students at Eagle High create groups and put money into it to win money if they beat all their friends.  

“I think this year for my bracket I’ll have the University of Alabama winning this year’s March Madness,” said sophomore Dag Smith.  

It is impossible to create the perfect bracket the odds are one in a 100 billion. This hasn’t stopped fans from hopefully creating one still.  March Madness will have multiple upsets this year that will shatter student’s brackets and ruin their dreams of being that one in a billion.  

March Madness brings a certain joy to the month for many sport fans. With so much doubt on who will win it all this year, fans have to play a guessing game to determine if they will win their prize pool in their respective groups.