Baseball season in full swing


Lisa Smith

Eagle High defeated Skyview High 8-3 in their home opener.

Aren Monk, Photographer

The Eagle High School baseball season is now under way. The freshman team had their first two games of the season, winning them both, and the JV and Varsity levels are still gearing up to play their first games of the season.  

The Mustang varsity team is looking to have a great season this year. Last year, the team went 9-17. It was a disappointing end for the varsity team, as they did not make it to the playoffs.  

The Varsity team will play over 20 games this season as will JV. The freshman team will play roughly 25 games. They will play more games this season because JV and Varsity have tournaments throughout the season.  

Many fans are ready to watch the first games of the season. 

 “I’m really excited for the season to start; I like watching my friends play in the games and I’m a baseball fan myself,” said sophomore TJ Culpepper. 

Many other people are just glad another school sport is going on.  

“I never really watched baseball, I’m glad that eagle has another sport that my friends and I can go too,” said sophomore Seth Combs. 

The Varsity team also has some returning players that are looking like they are going to have a great season. Players such as senior Grant Baskins, senior Devon Downie, senior Ryan Buchanan, senior Garret Hobbs and many more returners are looking forward to the spring season.  

 Varsity played their first game on March 9 against Skyview High. They won that game 8-3. Ian Duarte had a triple and Grant Baskins ended the game with a win and had a 1.75 ERA.  

 The Varsity team’s second game was against Owyhee High who won the state title last year. The Mustangs lost that game 9-4.  Senior Hayden Chambers had a double and junior Bryson Shea ended the game with a 8.08 ERA 

The Mustang Baseball team is looking very good, and people are very thrilled to have baseball up and running again.