Spring Training is now underway

Now is the time where teams get ready for the upcoming season


Jessie Snooks

Freshman Dallin Snooks spent Spring Break of 2022 following around MLB teams to watch their Spring Training.

Jacob Roberson, Reporter

Spring Training takes place in both Arizona and Florida. Half of  the teams play in Arizona while the other half play in Florida, and it started in March. It allows for players to get their arm in shape and get at-bats in. 

The Arizona league is called the Cactus League and consists of teams like the White Sox, the Reds and the Guardians. There are many stadiums that these teams play in for Spring Training. 

Spring Training is a great chance for the players to get to interact with fans. The games don’t have any effect on the actual season, so many players will sign autographs and speak with fans. Spring Training also allows a unique experience for spectators to watch young players. Many fans love the atmosphere and that players will throw baseballs to fans.  

“Spring training is unlike any other baseball experience,” said sophomore Jamison Strasser. 

Spring Training comes around every year before the season and always is a great vacation spot for baseball fans. Many games are played every day and, in retrospect, are relatively cheap. Many players enjoy the atmosphere of Spring Training due to low stress and games.  

“Spring training is amazing for baseball fans who want to see an up-close game with young players,” said sophomore Jameson Gray. 

All the teams that are competing in the WBC (World Baseball Classic) are also playing in spring training. This allows the teams get ready for the WBC. It is a great opportunity to get game speed reps. 

The Dodgers’ outfielder Michael Vargas has a hairline fracture and cannot swing the bat. During Spring Training, Vargas has been getting at bats just so he can see game speed pitches and get his tracking back. 

Many pitchers are throwing very few innings so they don’t over throw. As the season gets closer they will start to ramp up and throw more volume.