These are the best albums releasing in 2023


Avery Hassman

Students are excited about the new albums that were released in the month of March.

Brady Woods, Reporter

When new music releases, it has a big impact on society, especially on students in high school. New music can set trends, affect social media and can quickly become the most talked about subject in school. The next few months will release some of the most anticipated and popular music of the year.  

One of the most popular country singers, Morgan Wallen, recently released his album, “One Thing At A Time,” on March 3, pleasing all country music lovers.  

“Morgan Wallen, I think right now, is the best country singer, so I was happy when he dropped an album,” said junior Zach Shipp.  

“One Thing At A Time” is Morgan Wallen’s third studio album that has a total of 36 songs, and with his past album successes, his new one is expected to do extremely well.  

Another highly anticipated artist who has confirmed to be releasing new music this year is rapper Childish Gambino. Childish Gambino, or Donald Glover, is a rapper and actor who has recently had a hard time releasing a new album. With his last album coming out in 2020, any new music from this artist would perform very well.   

According to, Childish Gambino said, “I’m actually in the studio. I’ve been bringing people in, like secret people, working on little things. I’ve been just making it for fun right now. But soon something will happen. I promise. 

He is a widely popular artist with songs like “Redbone,” “3005” and “This is America” that won the 2019 song of the year. With billions of listens, music from this artist will be extremely popular.  

Another popular rapper Travis Scott has been scheduled to release his new album “Utopia” in June. Travis Scott is one of the most popular artists of our Gen-Z with multiple songs over one billion listens. An album from Scott will break records.  

According to, “Travis Scott has released 3 studio albums and is preparing to release his fourth studio album: Utopia. Utopia is Travis Scott’s highly anticipated album that is due to be released later this year.”  

Travis Scott’s albums in the past took over the music world, and with a new album coming soon, it has the potential to steal the show in the music genre this year.  

With 2023 still just beginning, music enthusiasts can look forward to a year of great music from a wide variety of artists.