The family-comedy, ‘You Can’t Take It With You,’ is arriving at Eagle High next month

Funny doesn’t even begin to describe this amazing three-act play


Taylor Milliot

Following their fall performance of “Newsies,” the Eagle High Drama Department will put on “You Can’t Take It With You” for their spring performance.

Cole McAdams, Copy Editor

In today’s day and age, comedy is most categorized as something on one’s “For You” page, or more often than not, a quick gag or joke. But the upcoming play, proudly presented by The Fourth Wall Players, “You Can’t Take It With You,” is a different type of comedy that ends up being a witty roller coaster through the lives of the eccentric Sycamore family.

The 1930s were definitely a time in need for many. There was of course a World War, The Great Depression and the U.S. economy tanking because of it. It seems as though the only good thing to come out of the 1930s was the main protagonists of this play, the lovely, yet non-traditional Sycamore family.

The Sycamore family contains many fun and complex faces. A brief description of each character doesn’t give them justice, as it only scratches the surface of what role they play in their world.

There’s the patriarch and head of the house, Martin Vanderhoof, who is commonly referred to as “Grandpa” in the play. Penny Sycamore is the play-writing daughter of Martin, and her husband, Paul Sycamore, illegally manufacturers fireworks with their former mailman, Mr. DePinna. Alice Sycamore is the sweet romantic who is about to get married to Tony Kirby, the vice-president to his father’s company.

One can’t forget the horrible dancer and sister to Alice, Essie Carmichael, alongside her husband Ed Carmichael and Essie’s dance teacher, the mighty Mr. Kolenkhov. Last but not least, there’s Rheba the housekeeper and her helping boyfriend, Donald.

As one might tell from the descriptions of most of these characters, they live in their own worlds despite living under one house and frequently talking amongst each other. They act as a light to this previously mentioned time, in which a lot of bad things were happening in the world.

“I like the message where it’s ‘Hey, why do you care about certain things if you’re not enjoying it; do what you love,’” said senior Logan Marusich.

The cast of “You Can’t Take It With You” has put much time and effort, as it’s not easy to be in a play of this wit and complexity. This is the first time many cast members have been in a role as big as this.

“I’m enjoying it, I’m actually having so much fun,” said Marusich. “My character [Kolenkhov] is just a complete and utter dunce. He’s not stupid, but sometimes he doesn’t read the room. For example, going up to a big member of wall street, body slam him into the ground and effectively ruining the family dinner.”

One can watch this hilarious play put on by the Eagle High Drama Department from Feb. 22 through Feb. 25 in the Eagle High Auditorium from 7:00 to 9:00 p.m.

Many will definitely enjoy the crazy antics put on by the Sycamore family, and it’ll make one’s seemingly “crazy family” seem normal compared to the out-there, life-embracing Sycamore family in the hilarious play, “You Can’t Take It With You.”