Are i-Ready tests worth the time?

i-Ready tests can take up to one to three hours to fully complete.

Kara Skiles

i-Ready tests can take up to one to three hours to fully complete.

Kara Skiles, Photographer

Since 2021, a new version of tests known as i-Ready tests have been given to freshman, sophomores and juniors. Those who were sophomores last year were told to take these tests, and it was the only time they were supposed to take them because ISATs, also known as the Idaho Standardized Achievement Tests, were not given to juniors. Now, however, juniors are taking these i-Ready tests again.  

i-Ready tests are given under two categories: math and English. These tests were originally made to prepare freshman and sophomore students for ISAT tests, but they are also being used to prepare juniors for the SAT.  

These tests base the questions they give off on how well the student answers the previous question. If a student answered a question wrong, then the questions are said to get easier, and if students answered the questions right, then the questions would get harder. Teachers told students that if they scored low on these tests, then it would affect the levels of math and English that they go into for the new semester or even the following year. For students who are attempting to get their associates degree while still in high school, this could prove to be an issue. Students could be bad at taking tests, get a low score then get moved out of their math or English class that they needed to be in for their degree.  

Teachers from the English and math departments have expressed their opinions on these tests. “It takes time away from teachers’ instructional time,” said teacher Mary Castronova. Teachers must prepare for these tests and give them to the students, which takes away from their class time that they could be using to teach students required material that they need to graduate.  

Students and teachers have had conflicting and similar opinions on things in the past. But for these i-Ready tests, they ultimately are stating the same things. 

“i-Ready tests can be helpful, but a waste of time in the end,” said junior Piper Britton. It took a total of 60 minutes to complete her i-Ready math test, while still maintaining a good score, showing that students’ time for test taking varies from person to person and could have a positive or negative impact on their ending score.  

“They are helpful if you take your time and think about the questions carefully,” said junior Alyssa Bankey. She believes that taking more time with tests will help improve her scores. However, junior Claudia Giannobile said, “It is a waste of my time and increases my stress.”  

It is clear that students think i-Ready tests can be helpful in ways, but ultimately are a waste of their time and their teacher’s time.