2023 New Year’s resolutions are make or break for some Eagle High students


Kara Skiles

The YMCA is one of the many gyms that people can go to and work on their physical appearance. 

Brady Woods, Reporter

The new year is a great time to hit the reset button for most people. New Year’s resolutions are a great way to set goals for the upcoming year, but for some students at Eagle High, their New Year’s resolutions are bigger than most.  

“As a senior, I have a lot of decisions coming my way: what I want to do after high school, where I want to go to college, do I want to go to college, so a New Year’s resolution of mine is to graduate high school, be accepted and start at a college by summer,” said senior Andrew Hill.  

Being a senior can be seen as stressful to some people, but a breeze to others. Senior year is a year for decisions and laying out one’s future. For Hill, he wants to set New Year’s resolutions that help keep him on track for his future and life after high school.  

“I have never had a job before, so getting a job either on a farm or another outdoor job or maybe working at a place with all my friends would be fun, and I think I would learn a lot,” said sophomore Andrew Palfreyman.  

Palfreyman’s biggest New Year’s resolution for 2023 is to find and keep a job either at a farm or a different job with all his friends. Being a sophomore having a goal like this can bring many benefits, from work experience to learning how to work with people and probably the biggest benefit, getting paid. Palfreyman has plans to apply to multiple places and hopefully land a job that is enjoyable and pays well to create a fun and well-learned year.  

New Year’s resolutions can at times be hard to keep, but if worked on can advance people in their lives through experiences like college or getting a job. Setting goals for the year is huge for everybody and can make lives more fun.