Black cats should not be seen as a symbol of bad luck 


Maddie Hughes

The years-old controversy debating the luck or bad luck of black cats is still a resurfacing topic today.

When one stumbles upon a black cat in their path, they quite often view it is as sign of bad luck, when in reality, seeing a black cat can actually be a sign of immense wealth. Black-colored cats should be represented for their good fortune and not have a negative reputation. 

Black cats were originally worshipped in many Eastern cultures as far back as the 13th century as they were thought to be spiritual protectors. It was believed that having a black cat around the home protected the occupants from dark energy. In Ireland and Scotland, black cats are held in very high regards, as it is believed that a black cat showing up at the front door symbolized prosperity in the near future.  

In recent years, black cats have evolved to be associated with superstition, witchcraft and all kinds of negative symbolism. 

 “Black cats are just like any other kind of cats, and don’t deserve the negative stigmas surrounding them. When I see a black cat, I like to think it’s a good thing,” said junior Bella Alicea.  

It’s unknown exactly how black cats came to be associated with negative symbolism, but many theories suggest that people started to believe they were witches in disguise. That could be a very good reason black cats are associated with dark energy and superstition.  

Black cats can bring people good luck and good vibes if one believes and allows them to. They are deserving of the same love and acceptance as any other kind of kitty.