College drains wallets and leaves students with huge debt

University costs are at an all-time high and they must come down


Liv Baker

Boise State students cheer on their football team during homecoming weekend.

Jacob Roberson, Reporter

College is too expensive for many students to afford, causing them to have to take out loans just so they can go to school. Often times, they will be stuck paying these loans off for years after they leave college. These loans can make it difficult to pay for other things.

College being too expensive is a big problem is America. In many countries higher education is free whereas America where it costs thousands of dollars a year. The average cost of college a year is about 35,000 dollars according to and most degrees require at least four years of school. Meaning that students will end up paying over $120,000 just for a college degree. An average salary of an American is around $55,000. Students will have at least two years of their earnings just spent trying to pay off student debt. That $55,000 is before taxes and other necessary items. So, most Americans will spend up to a decade trying to pay off the debt.

“I think that college should be free just like many other parts of the world,” said junior Jack Winters. He feels it is unfair that many students have to decide on a college that is not too expensive even though it may not be their dream school.

“The majority of people that are going to college will have to take out a loan and be in debt,” Winters said. He said he doesn’t want to have to be in debt until he is 35 just because he wanted to go to college.

The Boise State stadium shines at night. (Liv Baker)

According to, “In the last forty years, the cost of college has risen by over 1000%.” This article pointed out how college has often not been worth the cost for students.

College is great and needed for many jobs, but often times will leave students, with a ridiculous amount of debt. It would be much better if it was cheaper or free so students don’t have to spend years paying off the cost.