Putin mandates a draft for the invasion of Ukraine

At the beginning of September of this year, Russian President Vladimir Putin mandated a draft for young men that are Russian citizens. The draft is due to Putin’s loss of territory, along with the loss of Russian troops. According to nytimes.com, Putin needs 300,000 or so men to join the Russian army to stop Ukrainian forces from taking anymore Russian territory.  

According to nytimes.com, as of the beginning of October, over 220,000 Russian citizens have been drafted to the war, and 16,000 of those men have been deployed into active service for the war with Ukraine. The draft has caused over 10,000 Russian citizens to flee Russia to not participate in a war that they don’t even want to fight in.  

So many people are trying to flee the country, in fact that the Russian government set up checkpoints along the Russian border and, there are draft offices along with these checkpoints. They did this so that anyone who is fleeing the country would be caught and drafted into the war they are trying to escape. 

Towards the beginning of September, Russian President Vladimir Putin mandated a war draft for the invasion of Ukraine. (Ivan Warner)

 Putin has lost so many men in the war and, now more than ever, there is an urge to protect the Russian border and deploy troops to the front lines to protect the border of Russia. The struggle to protect the front lines of Russia has caused the deaths of many Russian soldiers who are being deployed and mobilized. After a day or two of mobilization and deployment, more than half of the soldiers die at the front lines. 

While all of this is happening, the United Nations is trying to get as many supplies as possible to arm the Ukrainian forces before Russia can replenish their forces on the front lines and at their borders.  

The United Nations can’t provide troops for Ukraine because Ukraine isn’t a part of the United Nations, they can still provide the Ukrainians with resources to protect their country from getting taken over from Russia.