Eagle High’s Ski and Snowboard Club is ready to hit the slopes

Ski and snowboard season is coming up


Maddy McLaren

Students are excited to have a successful season in Ski and Snowboard club this winter.

Cole McAdams, Copy Editor

December is seen as a time of cozying up by the fire, holiday cheer and snow days, but Eagle High’s Ski and Snowboard Club is ready to have an adventurous time down the slopes this holiday season. 

“This is my second year in the Ski and Snowboard club,” said junior Decker Blades. “Just being able to hang out with your friends after the races is a lot of fun.” 

As the name suggests, there are students in the club that both ski and snowboard. Blades is one of the snowboarders. 

“[I love] the fact that you don’t yard-sale down the mountain every time you crash,” Blades said. 

Another student in the Ski and Snowboard Club that is ready to carve up the mountains is sophomore Chloe McAdams, and she is one of the skiers. 

“I have been in the Ski and Snowboard Club since last year,” McAdams said. “I love that you get to go to the slopes every Saturday in January and have fun.” 

Skiing and snowboarding is a very popular sport in Idaho, with many mountains around the Treasure Valley such as Bogus Basin and Brundage Mountain.  

“I ski regularly at Bogus because it’s closer,” McAdams said. 

This season is going to be an unforgettable one for the Ski and Snowboard Club. With trips coming up, they’ll be hopping off the chairlift with glee.

“We’re going to Big Sky at the end of the season, and that’s going to be really exciting,” Blades said. Big Sky is a very popular ski resort in Big Sky, Montana. 

One should watch out for incoming Eagle High skiers and snowboarders this holiday season. The Ski and Snowboard Club is more than ecstatic to hit the slopes, and there’s nothing that will slow them down. In order to be in the club, one just has to have a passion for skiing or snowboarding and one would have to talk with the club advisor, Mr. Ward.