Students share their excitement and plans for this year’s Spring Break

Grace Rasmussen

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Jessie Snooks

Many students take relaxing vacations to famous landmarks around the world.

As the warmer weather approaches, students around the school are beginning to feel excitement for Spring Break. For many, this is a time to relax and recharge after a long semester of school. However, others may use this time to travel and explore new places. No matter what students’ plans are, there are many things to get excited for leading up to Spring Break. 

“I am going on a cruise to Cabo, Mexico with one of my good friends,” said senior Jordyn Hassman. “I am excited to get out of the cold and be in the warm sun for a while and also go on a cruise for the first time.” 

For many students, Spring Break is the highlight of the year. It is a chance for students to get away from the pressure of school and homework. 

“I am preparing myself to go to Hawaii for Spring Break by going to more tanning salons, and I’m very excited for all the different kinds of Spam to try,” said senior Scott Pattee. 

There are many different types of spring break activities that students can participate in. Some students choose to go on adventures and travel the world, while other must stay at home for sports or just to relax and reenergize themselves like freshman Dallin Snooks. 

“During the break, I will be playing baseball for the high school and am excited to play in games and hopefully win some with my teammates,” said freshman Dallin Snooks. He then explained how he will prepare himself for his games by practicing with his team often and working on getting better as a team, along with pitching and hitting on his own time. 

Spring Break is a wonderful time for students to get away from the stress of school. It can be a great time for students to rejuvenate and relax and it sounds like these three students and many more are taking advantage of the opportunity.