Eagle High’s Academic Decathlon team aims for success

Julia Denton

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The Eagle High Academic Decathlon team is a group of highly intelligent students who showcase their talents at district and state-wide competitions. Pictured are (back row, left-to-right) junior Cole Yearsley, junior Roan Killlian, senior Hannah Pease, senior Elizabeth Martin, senior Coston Fritel, and (front row, left-to-right) senior EJ Harvey, junior Belle Hall, senior Claire Desilvia, alumni decathlete Emma Lee, senior Eden Schumacher and senior Luca Fusco.

With the large number of clubs and sports at Eagle High, many students forget about Academic Decathlon as an option for getting involved. Academic Decathlon is a high school academic club that competes in various events. These events include seven subject tests, essays, speeches, interviews and a “Super Quiz.” Each year, there is a set theme that all the events will be based around. Last year, the theme was water, whereas this year, the theme is the American Revolution. Members of Academic Decathlon practice for their specific events, and then compete in competitions individually and as a team.  

“I joined Academic Decathlon in order to get more involved in the school as well as have an outlook for competition within something that I enjoy,” said senior Claire DeSilvia. “My favorite event would have to be interview because I get to talk to the judges on a more personal level, learn more about myself and continue to practice formal conversation.” DeSilvia is a co-captain of the team and has thoroughly enjoyed being a part of the club.  

While also being a great way to meet people and become involved, Academic Decathlon can also be an excellent extracurricular to list on one’s resumes and college applications.  

“I joined Academic Decathlon because I wanted to get a strong extracurricular for college while also learning more,” said senior Luca Fusco. “But I have met a lot of cool people and had fun since joining.” Fusco is a senior on the team whose favorite events are speech and Super Quiz.  

Teacher Heather Pinder advises Academic Decathlon in classroom S213 for those interested in becoming a member. For anyone who likes to have fun while also bettering their minds in a competitive environment, this club is a great place to meet smart and down-to-earth people. This year, the team is competing in the state tournament in Marsing, Idaho on March 17-18.  

When thinking about joining a club and getting involved at Eagle High, students should look into joining the Academic Decathlon team for a chance to meet amazing people, further educate themselves and compete in a fun and welcoming environment.