Previous state champs have high hopes for this soccer season


Jessie Snooks

The Eagle High soccer team celebrates a well-deserved win.

Brady Woods

     With minutes left in overtime in the soccer state championship, the score tied 1-1 when Eagle High scored a late goal and won the first state title for soccer in Eagle High history. That was in 2019, and the Eagle High boys soccer team has been playing differently since.  

After winning state three years ago, the boys varsity soccer team has not been able to match the success they had years back. In the years that followed, they didn’t do all that well at state the next year and did not even qualify for State in 2021. This season, the team has come back reformed and better than ever, bringing the fire to win another title.  

“I think we will start winning more games and have a good chance in districts and other tournaments,” said junior Ashton Smith. The start of this season has gone well for Eagle High, winning their first two games against Middleton and Owyhee and using their momentum against their next opponents. The team has had some setbacks against Rocky, Timberline, Boise and Centennial, but has learned from the mistakes that were made and came back stronger as a team.  

A good team without good chemistry will not perform well. It’s one of the team’s most valuable skills. 

“Seeing the team grow closer together as the season goes on is always cool. Our team chemistry this year is the best it has ever been,” Smith said. Without connection a team will play individually and not together. The boys varsity team seems to have one of the strongest bonds between players out of any team in the state. Everyone growing up and playing soccer with each other their whole lives led to a team that has been strong on and off the field.  

Eagle High has all the things needed to have a great season with a strong record, learning from mistakes and performing better after every game, and with a relationship that makes them unable to be beat. The varsity soccer team should be a threat to every team that comes their way, having a great shot at winning a title.