Chalky hands, ripped pants, dirty hair–climbing is cool


Sean Asay

There are many indoor rock climbing parks throughout the valley

Brady Woods, Reporter

    Hundreds of feet in the air, nothing but hands and feet serve as protection from a fall that could cause severe injury and even death. This is an everyday risk for a sport climber. Climbing has not been considered a sport until recent years, and there is immense skill and high risk that comes with the it. Climbing brings the greatest sense of accomplishment out of most athletic events but is one of the most dangerous activities in the world and brings many safety hazards with it.   

According to, “The rocks outside are exposed to weather and seasons. As a result, it is not uncommon for individual holds or footholds to break out. A broken-out hold can lead to an unexpected fall at any time.”  

The rock itself brings the most dangers in sport climbing. Being hundreds of feet in the air, the rock has to be in good shape for the climber to perform well and be safe while doing it. The height for a typical outdoor climbing route is 60 feet tall, and the climber memorizes the whole route so that things like falling rocks, handholds breaking off and other hazards do not occur while climbing. The rock itself brings serious threats, but so does the gear used to complete the routes.  

According to, “A rope burn, two inches long and so deep it wouldn’t close for three weeks, steam[ed] pink fluid.”  The climbing rope is probably the most important piece of equipment needed to complete a climb and most wouldn’t think that the gear used could harm the user. A climbing rope is very strong and can cause serious burns that can damage the skin of a climber for weeks. Other gear like carabiners, Grigris, other belaying devices and even the climbing shoes can create potential harm to the climber. Routine checks are necessary to make sure that everything is working well and will run smoothly during the ascent.  

Although climbing brings some of the most fatal injuries and is very dangerous, it is a loved activity that brings people back to the sport after every climb. According to It has seen almost a seven percent increase in popularity in recent years-and is only growing, outdoor climbing will get the recognition it deserves as one of the most daring sports of our time.