‘Top Gun’ or ‘Top Gun: Maverick’? Its time to end the debate


Sean Asay

Both ‘Top Gun’ movies are fan favorites.

Aren Monk, Reporter

The “Top Gun” movie series is well known in the entertainment industry, but many people argue about which one is better. The classic was a movie statement that brought Tom Cruise onto the big screen. The new “Top Gun” brought new fans into the iconic series.

Fans of the first “Top Gun” say that the problem that is happening is that the new fans have not seen the older one.

“I feel like they (the fans) have not seen the older version because they were not around when the movie came out,” said sophomore Seth Combs.” They just have not been cultured in how the movie series happened.”

Some fans of the second “Top Gun” say that the reason the older fans argue is that they are stuck in the nostalgia and not taking in the new technology used in the second.

“I feel like the reason is that because the older one has the OG value,” said sophomore Quinton Nayola. “It is like the older Star Wars movies; they are OG, but they are not better than the new ones.”

As one can see, there is still a heated rivalry between the two sides of fans. They are both equally good in their own rights.

“Top Gun” one started a new wave of people interested in airplanes and wanting to do that for a living. “Top Gun: Maverick” helped younger audiences have that same passion, like the people who watched “Top Gun.”

The movies are both good. “Top Gun” was a great movie to start a long and beloved series, while “Top Gun: Maverick” was a great sequel that recaptured the love of the older fans and the love for the newer fans to like about the series.

The true fans of the movie should put the arguments about which on is better aside and just watch the movies for how good the movies are.

The “Top Gun” movies are great for all ages, and everyone should go watch both to decide which is better.