New yoga class comes to Eagle High


Jessie Snooks

Eagle High students enjoy the new class at Eagle High.

Sydnee Seeley, Copy Editor

One of Eagle High’s physical education teachers, Nikki Christiansen, brought her interests to students and created a new yoga class this school year.  

“My own yoga practice inspired me to want to create a class for EHS which I did, but I spent the month of June in Costa Rica becoming a certified yoga instructor and came home from that more inspired than ever,” Christiansen said.   

She spent several months getting her idea approved by the West Ada School District Board for this exciting idea for a class. When the class was approved, she put it in the course option catalog for the 22-23 school year.  

Christiansen teaches three out of the four yoga classes to high school students. The students do breath exercises and practice certain aspects of yoga, as well as different positions. They also spend time writing in a gratitude journal and discussing physical, mental and emotional health. 

“My heart is full each and every class. Looking out at my class of 42 students in a yoga posture brings me so much joy because I know how beneficial the class is and will be to their whole being,” Christiansen said. “I look forward to teaching it each day, and the feedback I’ve received from students about how beneficial the class is already is amazing.”  

This is a helpful class to any student at Eagle High, and students who are interested in staying fit physically and mentally should sign up for this course in the spring.