Kenzie Rhoden prioritizes her academics at Eagle High

Ivan Warner

Ivan Warner

Senior Kenzie Rhoden has maintained a high GPA for a long time throughout high school.

Aaron Farfan, Reporter

In school there are many questions about how to do well academically. Many people have different ways to answer. The truth is that getting good at academics is easier than someone may think. 

One highly academic student at Eagle High is senior Kenzie Rhoden. She has a lot of advice for students to help them do well in school. When it comes to notetaking, Rhoden likes to keep it simple.  

“I like writing subcategories in notes because it helps me come back to them later,” said Rhoden. Rhoden also has good time management tips. 

Sticking to a strict schedule is very important to her. Having a phone to take notes on or a notebook is a good idea too. Sometimes, she needs to cut into her sleep to manage time. 

Reading books has helped Rhoden expand her views and understand the world better. One of her favorite books is called “The Secret Life of Bees.”  

One of Rhoden’s hardships was when she realized that not everyone is like her. People can be messy, not organized, lacking ability and more. 

There are many things Rhoden recommends avoiding.  

“Manage hanging out with friends and time spent on electronics,” Rhoden said. One of her other tips for students is to do most of the homework at school so they have less to do when they get home. 

Finally, Rhoden recommends eating enough food to keep up energy for school and have a good number of activities in life. Rhoden is an example of a star student and a good leader. Her habits are some that other students could benefit from life.