Brett Liljedahl moves to Eagle High


Will Colvin

New student Brett Liljedahl is enjoying his experiences at Eagle High

Idaho is currently one of the fastest growing states in America. Lots of people have been moving to the Gem State in the past 10 years. One of those people is senior Brett Liljedahl.

Liljedahl moved to Eagle from Santa Clarita, California. He attended West Ranch High and was the starting quarterback on their football team before moving to Eagle. Liljedahl currently plays quarterback for Eagle High and splits starting reps with senior Jake Longson.

On Sept. 10, Liljedahl threw an 87-yard touchdown pass in a 17-10 loss versus Rocky Mountain High. He made many great throws and showed great poise in the pocket. He currently has scholarship offers from Luther College in Iowa and Knox College in Illinois.

Not only does he play football, but he also plays rugby.

“I love playing rugby in the spring,” said Liljedahl. “I think it’s a great sport, and I am excited to play it after the football season ends.”

Along with playing football and rugby, Liljedahl loves fishing and hanging out with friends. He goes fishing in rivers and ponds throughout Boise.

“Fishing is my favorite hobby outside of sports,” Liljedahl said. “I find it very calming and fun.”

His favorite movie is “Remember the Titans,” and he also loves to eat a good bowl of mac n’ cheese.

“Nothing beats mac n’ cheese,” Liljedahl said.

So far, he has enjoyed his time in Eagle and is excited for his senior year at Eagle High.