Students at Eagle High have an unforgettable homecoming week

Eagle High’s homecoming week did not disappoint

Homecoming week festivities are something students look forward to all year.

Avery Hassman, Photographer

Like many years in the past, the days leading up the homecoming dance were some of the best days of the year. With dress up days, powderpuff, a pep assembly and a football game, the students had week packed full of fun. 

The week started up with the class competition. Grades 9-12 had the chance to start earning points by winning some mini competitions. The first was hallway decorating and each class was assigned a decade, freshman had the ‘90s, sophomores ‘50s, juniors ‘70s, and seniors 80’s. Students came to Eagle High on their weekend to help decorate the hallway assigned to their class with colorful banners, streamers, poster and much more, in hopes of winning the prize of an extended lunch period.  

On Monday night, girls from all grades signed up for the annual powderpuff game. Boys from the football team stepped in to coach the girls, and other boys signed up to be cheerleaders. This was the first year where all grades were allowed to participate, and the freshman and sophomore girls took advantage of it. The “frosh” team beat the seniors in the championship game and were awarded the trophy. 

“I wish the seniors would have won,” said senior Sicily Smith. Many juniors and seniors were not happy with the outcome of the game and thought it wasn’t fair that underclassman were able to play. 

Each day of the week there was a different dress-up theme. On Monday, students and teachers switched roles and dressed like one another. On Tuesday, each grade dressed for a different holiday. Wednesday was barbeque dads vs. soccer moms, and students went all out showing up in aprons and holding spatulas. On Thursday, it was decades day and each grade dressed as their assigned decade. Finally, Friday was the classic camo out day. 

On Friday, there was an assembly held to celebrate the homecoming week with some fun games and activities. It began with performances by the band, the cheerleaders and the dance team. Next, each class selected a cheer to recite during the assembly. One by one, the classes yelled out their cheers, and the seniors won for being the loudest. Homecoming royalty were announced too; seniors Will Tadje and Claire Bodily were voted king and queen. There was also a lip sync battle between the classes. Different groups of students danced to songs like “Thriller” by Michael Jackson and “Great Balls of Fire” by Jerry Lewis.  

Next on the list was the football game on Friday night. Eagle High played Nampa and won with a season-high score of 45-14. The student section dressed in camo and cheered loud for the players. During half time, there was a parade showcasing those who won homecoming royalty, with the addition of Eagle High’s many clubs and fall sports teams.  

Last was the night of homecoming. Students spent the whole day preparing for the night and going on day dates with other friends in their group. Many groups did things like going bowling or hiking while others had fun just hanging out with their dates. When it came time for the dance, many students showed up to the Casino themed dance at the school. There were cute decorations and tables set up for those who went. 

“I had a super fun night,” said senior Nathan Snelders. “My favorite part was the photo booth and getting to dress up with friends.”  

Overall, this year’s homecoming week was quite unforgettable and something that students continue to look forward to year after year. 

Photo credit to; Kara Skiles, Jessie Snooks, Avery Hassman, Liv Baker, Valerie Chaves, Sean Asay, Ivan Warner, Chance VanNoy