NFL season under way with mixed emotions


Ivan Warner

Fans are excited for football season this year.

Aren Monk, Reporter

    The National Football League (NFL) started two weeks ago with a Thursday Night Football Classic: Buffalo Bills versus the Super Bowl winning Los Angeles Rams in the SoFi Stadium. Fans were expecting a great showdown of some of the powerhouse teams in the division and got a 31-10 victory for the Bills. 

     Many fans of the NFL were shocked that the Rams lost to a team that did not even make the AFC Championship last year. 

  Quarterback Matthew Stafford threw for 230 yards, one touchdown and three picks. While Buffalos quarterback Josh Allen, had an impressive stat line of 297 passing yards, three touchdowns and two picks. Many followers of the Bills knew that this was coming. 

  “I think the Bills will make the Super Bowl this year…. I think this is their year to make the final push,” said sophomore Oliver Stephens. “I feel like they can finally get over the bump that they have been stuck on for a couple years now.”  

   In other week one news, the Cleveland Browns upset the Carolina Panther in North Carolina with a Cade York 58-yard field goal in Baker Mayfield’s revenge game. Mayfield had spent the past three years on the Browns and was traded late into the off-season. Also, the Seattle Seahawks beat the Denver Broncos 17-16 in a tight game against Denver’s starting quarterback and former Seahawk Russel Wilson.  

   The biggest surprise from that game was Geno Smith. His performance against the stingy Broncos defense even shocked some of the Seahawks fans, as well. 

   According to,As for who surprised me, I would point to Geno Smith, not because I didn’t think he would play well, but against a really good Broncos defense, there’s no way to expect a quarterback starting the game 12 for 12 and going 17 for 18 in the first half.”  

  NFL Fans are happy and excited for the season to get up and running, and many people are excited for the season’s best teams to go to battle.