Labor Day’s origins are unknown by many


Sean Asay

Labor Day 2022 was observed on Monday, Sept. 5.

Most everyone knows that when Labor Day comes around, it means that school and work are off for the day, but many people don’t know why this day is celebrated each year.  

First off, Labor Day is a holiday that celebrates and recognizes the social and economic achievement of workers in America. It was made to give everyone a day off to recognize their achievements and the work they all do to make the United States a better place.  

According to, “Before it was a federal holiday, Labor Day was recognized by labor activists and individual states.” This means that Labor Day was a holiday originated by the workers that it now celebrates.  

One of the interesting aspects of Labor Day is that it celebrates a vast range of people. A very large portion of people in the United States are employed or have been employed at one point in their life. Many people don’t explicitly celebrate the holiday with traditions but taking the day to relax or going on a trip with their family or friends are some of the most popular ways to spend it. 

According to, “Many cities and towns have parades to celebrate Labor Day and if the weather is nice enough, many people like to pack a picnic and eat outside with loved ones.”  One of the best things about Labor Day is that the time of year usually brings about good weather for the festivities in many places.  

Labor Day can often be forgotten as a holiday and just appreciated as a day off from work and school. Every worker in America deserves to be celebrated and Labor Day is a lot more interesting than most people think.