Eagle High students make their own NFL teams


Jessie Snooks

Eagle High students are taking their fantasy football teams seriously

Jessie Snooks, Photographer

    Many Eagle High students look forward to the NFL season. Some have competitive ways to make the season more interesting. One way people get involved is a game called fantasy football. Fantasy football is a competition where one drafts an imaginary team from the players in the NFL, and one earns points from those players’ real-life performance. It is a fun way to stay updated on all that is happening within the season. Some students participate in leagues with their friends and compete against each other with a consequence for the loser at the end of the season. Eagle High students have creative bets that make them not want to lose their league. 

“My family has done fantasy football for many years; we get really into it. In the past, we have done that each person puts $10 in and at the end, the winner gets all of it,” said senior Avery Charles. “This year the loser must go to IHOP for 24 hours and each pancake they eat will subtract an hour. I really enjoy doing fantasy football with my family. It always makes us closer doing an activity together that we all like.” 

Doing an activity that everyone likes can make one’s family and friends closer. When everyone enjoys something, such as football, it is fun for everyone to get competitive with each other.  

“Last year, the loser had to wear yoga pants for a whole week. This year, the loser has to get the darkest spray tan they can for prom,” said senior Nathan Snelders. “Doing these consequences gets everyone more involved because no one wants to lose. It makes it more fun and interesting.”  

Making these bets can make fantasy football more exciting. Everyone tries harder so that they aren’t the loser.  

“Last year, we were going to do one called the milk mile. It is where you have a gallon of milk and you drink one quarter of it for each lap, but if you throw up, you have to restart,” said senior Landon Ririe. “This year everyone in the league will pitch in and buy a plane ticket to fly them somewhere random for a day. They would have to stay in the airport the whole time, and it would be somewhere boring.”  

Fantasy football makes for intense and entertaining activities for friend groups. It can make them closer during the football season as they are planning these bets.  

“This year, I am doing four leagues: one where the winner gets $300, one that gets $120, and two for free. I do a lot of research on players’ past stats, injury history and their chemistry with certain players so that I can predict their performance to the best of my ability. I compile all those stats into an excel spreadsheet so I can have it in one place,” said senior William Tadje. “In the end, no matter how much research you do, there is always a factory of randomness that can be the reason you lose. The real reward in fantasy football is the extra fun you have while watching the games.”  

NFL season is a long season. It is fun to have something like fantasy football to keep one competitive with the games. Eagle High students’ bond with friends and family as they compete with their imaginary teams hoping they won’t lose. Creating these bets gets everyone nervous and excited for the season to start. It is a fun way to stay involved with the games and with one’s relationships with others.