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Here are the Most Predictable Fashion Trends for 2024

Karlee Patterson
Sophomores Madison Bodine and Brooke Bondi get stylish with ribbons. Find out 2024 predictions for this year’s trends.

As a fresh year starts, the world of fashion will continue to unfold. Throughout 2024, individuals will see a new fusion of hyper femininity, maximalism, texture, patterns and comfort while maintaining sustainability within the fashion industry. This year’s trends will be a wide array of self-expression and conscious choices, shaping a bold and distinctive narrative in the world of fashion. Individuals have the opportunity to explore the key elements set to redefine their wardrobe and influence the style landscape in 2024.

In the ever-evolving realm of fashion, maximalism has quietly ascended, gaining momentum in 2024. What was once considered unconventional is slowly becoming the heartbeat of modern styles. The fashion landscape has witnessed a gradual departure from minimalism, with influencers like Emma Chamberlain and Mada Graviet embracing the vibrant allure of a “more is more” mindset. As fashion lovers look ahead to 2024, the maximalist aesthetic is set to hit its peak, promising a riot of colors, extravagant textures and daring combinations that break free from the constraints of basics.

“I think we’ll see a lot of the same trends from 2023 but more advanced. I hope we’ll see a lot of big, baggy and low-rise jeans paired with a small and exciting top,” said sophomore Amanda Carpenter.

Hand in hand with maximalism, textures and patterns will emerge as the dynamic duo replacing single colored and neutral clothes. As the year unfolds, expect to see a surge of “out- there” outfits and visually captivating designs that go beyond the known trends.  Patterns, whether bold and electric or subtle and sophisticated, will take center stage in a departure from the monotonous. 2024 invites fashion enthusiasts to experiment with a lot of colors, designs, shapes and more, embracing the delicate combination of textures and patterns that promises to elevate wardrobes.

Towards the end of 2023, many individuals found themselves enjoying a resurgence of femininity. Fashion enthusiasts are set to accessorize themselves with charming bows and a color palette dominated by the soft allure of pink. Bows, once symbols of timeless elegance, make a return as playful accents to dresses, blouses and accessories, adding a little something to every outfit. The once out of trend pink is now becoming increasingly adored in the fashion industry. Throughout 2024, feminine hints will become increasingly popular. The upcoming year will show a new era where femininity takes on diverse forms.

Most importantly, 2024 stands as a pivotal year towards the popularity of sustainability. As the fashion industry embraces a heightened awareness of environmental impact, sustainability becomes more than a trend; it becomes a fundamental idea guiding design and production. Throughout 2023, many individuals participated in thrifting, recycling old clothes, and even boycotting stores such as Shein due to their poor ecological footprint. In 2024, sustainability is not just a buzzword, but a conscious decision demonstrated in eco-conscious outfits ensuring that the fashion industry aligns with the preservation of the planet.

according to Wendy Rose Gould at

According to Wendy Rose Gould at,“As consumers become more familiar with the downsides of fast fashion, there’s a rising interest in pre-loved and thrifted items, as well as brands that champion sustainable materials and practices and transparency in brands.”

As individuals navigate the unfolding chapters of fashion in 2024, it becomes clear that this year will be a canvas where diverse elements combine to evolve everyday styles. Maximalism, with its bold colors and extravagant textures, emerges as a dominant force. Textures and patterns play key roles, while a celebration of femininity takes center stage with the revival of bows and the incorporation of pink. However, beyond the visually aesthetic aura, a profound shift will be witnessed in the industry’s consciousness. 2024 also marks a turning point where sustainability is no longer an afterthought but a driving force.

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