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There are Many Costumes on Halloween Night but Some are Worse than Others

Spooky season is here, and many students look forward to seeing each others costumes..
Izzy Rios
Spooky season is here, and many students look forward to seeing each other’s costumes..

“Boo!” There goes the basic trick or treater wearing a white sheet over their head walking down the street, holding a pillowcase as a candy bag, looking more like a bedding set than a ghost. But on the other side of the street there’s a decked-out Ninja costume with nunchucks and a sword attached to the hip. It is a Halloween night filled with all types of costumes, but some are classified as the best or the worst of the night.  

Throughout the years, Halloween has been the one night that children, teens and adults can dress up as anything they want. Firefighters, police officers, animals and monsters roam the night, knocking on doors and demanding candy. The night is filled with the screams of children being spooked by monsters and awed faces toward the coolest costumes. But along with the best costumes are the confusing ones that make no sense. When it comes to dressing up for Halloween, the sky is the limit, but there are just some costumes that have no excuse for being so terribly dull.  

One of the worst costumes one could wear is something resembling a ghost made of household materials. 

 “Halloween is a day to dress up, go all out and have fun,” said junior Ava Hawkes. “Dressing up as a ghost is boring, overused and has none of the excitement that comes with creating a costume for Halloween.” Hawkes takes Halloween night very seriously and feels strongly for the dedication put into every costume on Halloween night. 

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 “Cutting two eyes and a mouth out from a white bed sheet is not a costume,” Hawkes said. 

Along with costumes that have no creativity, there are costumes that just shouldn’t be costumes to begin with. Dressing up as another race or culture can be extremely offensive to most, even if that wasn’t the intention of the person dressing up.  

According to, It’s important people understand the culture surrounding the costume and aren’t attempting to profit from it, whether it be monetary or by popularity.”  Cultural appropriation can come off as extremely offensive and/or racist. It’s best to stay away from it to avoid disagreements or hurting others. 

There are plenty of costumes that are just not creative, fun or appropriate for Halloween but there are also costumes that are the complete opposite and blow minds due to their intense creativity. The best costumes take lots of dedication and creativity.  

For example, a good costume would be dressing up as a character from a movie or tv show and including every little detail. It would be easy to tell what or who the costume is trying to resemble. If everyone put effort into their costumes, then Halloween night would be extra amazing and fun.  

Even though there are some costumes that show extra time and more creativity, all costumes in general are unique and fun.  

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