It is important to learn other languages

Learning languages has many benefits that make life more exciting



As a language teacher at Eagle High who was been teaching Japanese for 29 years, teacher Layne Ward thinks that learning another language can help people understand their own language and is a great opportunity to learn about different cultures.

Valerie Chaves, Reporter

Learning different languages is important and has many benefits. Even so, people continue to wonder if learning another language is really necessary and what opportunities it can bring. 

Languages are great for improving memory and stimulation for the brain. They also enhance the ability to multitask and improve performance in academic areas and increase creativity.  

“By knowing different languages I am able to hear finite differences in speech that others that I know, that only speak one language, can’t hear,” said junior Sasha Glad. 

In addition to this, they help to deepen one’s connection with other cultures and boost one’s confidence. It provides many people wiith perspective about reality as well as professional and career advantages. 

According to, “We live in a multilingual world, where connections are now more important than ever. The world is becoming increasingly globalized and knowing a second language can always give you an unfair advantage.” 

The abilities that can be obtained from learning other languages are great, and for some, learning a language is useful when traveling to other places. It also helps one to know more about the world. 

“It is good to learn more languages to enrich ourselves with new cultures and knowledge and to learn about the people that surround us,” said junior Catalina Becerra, who speaks both, English and Spanish fluently. 

It is clear that, languages have made the world a better place to transcend knowledge and stimulate bonds between people. They allow one to experiment with new ideas and benefit from our  world’s cultural diversity.