The Eagle Lightning Dance Team attends the USA Dance Team Nationals


Yara Schenk

The Eagle High Lightening dance team was filled with joy after winning first for the kick category at Nationals.

Sydnee Seeley, Copy Editor

On March 15, the Eagle Lightning Dance team took off to Anaheim, California to attend the USA Dance Team Nationals. The team was super excited to compete nationally, spend quality time with each other and of course, go to Disneyland.

The team took off on the airplane Wednesday afternoon, the week before spring break. The trip lasted four days, and the team made endless memories together each day. They got to Anaheim late at night, and the first day was spent at Disneyland.

“Disneyland was one of the best highlights of the whole trip,” said junior Madison Hughes. “I got closer with girls on the trip, especially at Disneyland. We spent probably more money than planned on food, but it was well worth it over all the laughs and memories shared.”

The team split up into a minimum of groups of four when spending their day at Disneyland. They ate amazing food, rode all the thrilling Disneyland rides and, most importantly, grew closer as a team. They went to bed that night, planning to wake up bright and early the following day to start the competition, and the following day, the national competition began.

Before the event, the team recorded their kick, military, dance and hip-hop routines in order to be qualified. Each of their dances qualified for the highest division, the championship division. They competed each of their routines throughout the day, facing their toughest competition yet.

“Not only were there teams from all over the United States, but there were also several teams from Idaho competing,” said sophomore Samantha Gorman. “One of the Idaho teams being our biggest competitor, Owyhee Surge Dance Team.”

It finally came down to the kick division for the Eagle Lightning Dance Team. Their kick routine was the only routine that qualified for the finals. They recompeted the routine on the third day of their trip against the Owyhee Surge Dance Team’s kick.

The girls competed for the last time, and they did the best that they could. The final awards came, and they were named the USA Dance Nationals Champion in the Championship kick division that night. Their kick routine was undefeated for the ‘22-‘23 season.

Nationals were the seniors’ last time competing on the team. Though the weekend was bittersweet, so many great memories were made. Many ups and downs were had this season, but the Eagle Lightning Dance Team members all stuck to each other as best friends. They supported each other unconditionally, and it made for a remarkable season.