Senior Maya Archibald has an artistic talent


Maya’s favorite type of art is digital art, but she has gotten more serious about art within the past five years.

Krista Karel, Copy Editor

Eagle High is full of students with all sorts of talents. One of them is senior Maya Archibald, a great artist who is in teacher Melissa Stephenson’s AP Art class this year. 

“I’ve been doing art my entire life, but I started taking it seriously about five years ago when I bought my first sketchbook,” Archibald said. “My style is pen and ink, however I’m able to use almost any art form comfortably.” 

Archibald mainly likes to draw people in her very own cartoon-like style.  

Outside of art, Archibald is a gardener and a photographer, and she likes to read and play video games. She has lived in Idaho her entire life and has gone to Eagle High all four years.  

“I was actually supposed to go to Rocky Mountain High, but all my friends were coming here so I followed them,” Archibald said. 

After graduating, Archibald plans to attend Boise State University and major in Graphic Design. Her dream is to have a career in the arts and have her own business. 

Archibald is a very talented student with a gift for the arts and hopes to continue this passion of hers into her future.