Eagle High’s senior class takes a trip to the Idaho Capitol Building for government class


Jessie Snooks

Seniors at Eagle High learn more about what happens at the Idaho State capitol building while on a field trip with their classmates.

Valerie Chaves, Reporter

Throughout the course of a month, all Eagle High government classes took turns going to the Idaho State Capitol. They went to all four layers of the building and watched the senate in progress from the viewing area. 

Students went in buses, and all of them were given a schedule explaining everything they were going to do. They went from listening to both Idaho Senate and Idaho House of Representatives pass bills, a lobbyist talking to them and a scavenger hunt, to visiting the Governor’s office and going through a secret passageway. 

“It was really fun. We have been learning about how Congress works and how bills and laws are passed, and it was cool to actually see them talking about real issues,” said senior Ava Freeman. “I also really liked that most of the building is open to the public and you can see how our government is being held.” 

According to some students, it was fun to see how everything is similar to what they learn in their government class. 

“It was great to see what we’ve practiced in class, and that the things we do in our government classes happen in real life,” one student said. 

Additionally, seniors went on a scavenger hunt all over the Capitol and got into groups. They had to walk around and find certain things while getting to explore and look around the place. They also met lobbyists and went into the governor’s office. 

Overall, this trip was a valuable experience for all the seniors that went, and it gave them a broad view of how the government works.