Here is what the Pogues have been up to in season three of “Outer Banks”

Students at Eagle High share their thoughts on the newest season of “Outer Banks”


Brady Woods

Students get excited for the new season of “Outer Banks” staged in beautiful North Carolina.

Audrey Splaine, Media

On Feb. 23, the newest season of “Outer Banks” was released to the public on Netflix. “Outer Banks” has been a worldwide phenomenon ever since the first season came out in the summer of 2020. Fans have been looking forward to this new season and have been eager to learn what these Pogues have been up to on their new island. Please note that spoilers for season three are mentioned throughout this article.  

“Outer Banks” is a show based on two groups of people living on an island. This island is separated by the Kooks, which are the higher-class people, and the Pogues, the lower-class people as described in the show. This show revolves around the conflict between the two groups and focuses on John B. and his group of friends, who are the Pogues. This show is built on the search for the lost treasure, the Royal Merchant and The Cross of Santo Domingo.  

These actors and actresses gained a lot of attention in seasons one and two, making fans have high expectations for season three. John B. Routledge is played by Chase Stokes, Sarah Cameron is played by Madelyn Cline, Kiara Carrera is played by Madison Bailey, Pope Heyward is played by Jonathan Daviss, JJ Maybank is played by Rudy Pankow and Cleo is played by Carlacia Grant.  

By the end of season two, the group of Pogues have been on a thrilling ride of near-death experiences and ended the season with a suspenseful cliffhanger. Sarah Cameron, daughter of Ward Cameron, was taken from the group of Pogues to be reunited with her family, while the Cameron family is in search of gold, but they are not the only ones who are close to finding the treasure.  

The Pogues are not far behind, as they have already solved the riddle and have found the Cross of Santo Domingo, also known as Denmark’s Cross. Denmark’s Cross is a Heyward family heirloom, which makes the Pogues more determined to receive this gold. Not long after the gold is found, Sarah and the cross are taken on a ship to be shipped across the ocean.  

After a series of events, the Pogues are unable to receive the gold in the end as they are almost killed despite it. They escape on a small safety boat as they are being shot at. Finally, the Pogues are safe from the Cameron family but are now stuck on an island in the middle of nowhere. This leaves fans confused and ready to see what the next gold search adventure is for this group of Pogues.  

Throughout the school, students have been talking about the new season and their thoughts on it. Many have different opinions on the ending and how this season left them feeling overall. Students were asked in an anonymous poll on Instagram about their thoughts and favorite moments of the season.  

“Season three made Ward Cameron look like a better dad than Big John,” one student said. Multiple people had the same response. Some explained that Ward had the best redemption at the end of the season, and Big John made the season “hard to watch.”  

Seven people who responded to the poll said the season was not as thrilling as the last. Many explained that most of the season was predictable giving no suspense to this season. This made many fans upset with the turnout of the season, causing them to call the season boring and unsurprising.  

“The 18-month time jump made me upset and was a very confusing, stupid and disappointing ending,” said one student. Others also agreed with a similar response.  

After John B. and Sarah found El Dorado, the gold that Big John has been putting his entire career towards, 18 months passed showing how the Pogues have been awarded for their braveness and intelligence in solving a 500-year riddle. This made the ending feel unoriginal and rushed.  

Finally, a total of six students said that Sarah was in the wrong when it came to her cheating on John B. with Topper. This caused a lot of controversy about the subject, and fans believe Topper should no longer be in the picture when it comes to Sarah’s love interests.  

After hearing the thoughts from students firsthand, not only are students disappointed in the outcome of this season, but many fans on different platforms of social media have made sure to express their opinions of the season. The Pogues are living “full Kook” at the end of season three, fans have not shown much excitement after Netflix announced the renewal of season four. But some have expressed they are, at the least, a bit curious about how this show will continue. Speculations and conspiracies have come to the surface that season four will be the last season for “Outer Banks,” but nothing has been confirmed. But until then, fans are always wondering what the next adventure will happen with the Pogues.