Eagle High students share their favorite places to go during their lunch break

Students at Eagle High are enjoying the extra time given to go to their favorite food places during their lunch break.


Izzy Rios

Many Eagle High students spend their lunches at a local taco shop, Tin Roof Tacos. This shop is known for its affordable cost and good food.

Audrey Splaine, Media Team

At the beginning of this school year, a new class was added to students’ schedules called Advisory.  For those who had grades of C or higher, Advisory was taken off their schedule giving them an hour-long lunch. Before this school year, many students expressed how it was frustrating to drive and get food, have time to eat and make it back in time for class within 35 minutes.  

With this change, students were asked how having a longer lunch has helped and where their favorite places are to go to lunch within the hour.  

To start, students were asked in an anonymous poll where their favorite place is to go to lunch this year. Everyone seemed to have different responses on where they enjoy going during lunch. 

The top three places that people responded which were Blaze Pizza, Dutch Bros. and Tin Roof Tacos.  

Coming in third place, students explained they enjoy going to Blaze Pizza during their lunch break. Blaze Pizza is a freshly-topped pizza restaurant cooking pizza in oven right in front of the customer.  Blaze is located at 4363 W. Grey Fox St., #115, Eagle, ID 83646, which is right off Chinden and Linder Road near Fred Meyer. 

Coming in second place, students replied with going to Dutch Bros., located at 51 S Urban Gate Dr., Eagle, ID 83616, which is right up the road from Eagle High. Dutch Bros. is known for their great tasting coffee and wide variety of drinks. Many explained that it is quick, easy and enjoyable. 

Last but not least, coming in first place is Tin Roof Tacos. Tin Roof is known for their quick and affordable small tacos located at 1750 W McMillan Rd., Meridian, ID 83646.  

“I like Tin Roof because of the Fried Chicken Taco and the Baja Shrimp Taco. I go with my sister at least once a week and it’s my favorite restaurant,” one student said.  

Now that students have a longer lunch break, another anonymous poll was sent out asking students their opinion on having an hour-long lunch now. There was a majority of 21 students who replied saying they enjoy having a longer lunch. 

“Yes! I love that we have time to enjoy and not rush,” said one student in response. 

Although almost everyone agreed that they enjoy having a longer lunch, some also expressed how it can be boring and have too much extra time during lunch.  

“I like having a long lunch, but sometimes it can be too long that I get bored with the excess time,” said another student. 

With the school year coming to a close in a few months, students have been enjoying the extra time during lunch to spend with their friends and have an enjoyable meal or drink.